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Technical prerequisites and domain knowledge are necessary when aspiring for a competitive executive-level position in a company. However, the prospects of landing such a job are enhanced by unique skill sets borne by the candidate. To initiate change as an executive officer, one must have a blend of theoretical knowledge and practice in their respective field.

This article will focus on the skills needed for a modern-day Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and relevant CMO training programmes for those targeting their dream job as one.

Who is a Chief Marketing Officer?

chief marketing officer course

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a C-level executive of a company’s Marketing branch. The word “C” indicates “chief.” A CMO is hence the senior most executive in the marketing department, responsible for spearheading its functions. A CMO oversees the management of a company's communication and marketing strategies. They often collaborate with other C-level executives like the CEO and CFO to bring out company profits and maintain a seamless workflow. Such a high-ranking role requires excellent domain knowledge combined with great communication skills. 

Essential skills and qualities a CMO must demonstrate 

The following (not exhaustive) list is a sneak peek into what a CMO must be able to master in the course of their jobs. The skills are representative of the modern CMO.


As a senior executive officer, a CMO supervises an entire department with proper guidance. Excellent leadership skills are a must for any CMO.

Technical field knowledge

Knowledge of the basics of data-driven marketing is another essential skill for a CMO. Apart from the prerequisite degrees like MBA in Marketing, a CMO should be adept in several other technical aspects of marketing in a world where IT gains prominence.

Communication and collaborative skills

These two are the crucial soft skills needed to thrive in any leadership position. A CMO has to conduct regular client meetings and present the company’s growth through stakeholder engagements. They must also promote the company’s brand value and ensure cutting-edge marketing strategies. Collaboration with other senior team leads is also included in a CMO’s job role.

Competitive edge

A business has to run excellently to outshine its competitors and move forward. The competition lies in the strategies formed to promote and push the company’s goals in a positive light. A CMO is responsible for the same. However, humility is a quality that CMOs must cultivate to thrive in such cut-throat competition.

Understanding customer needs

As a senior marketing official, a CMO needs to be updated about the ever-evolving needs of the company’s customer base. Changing company goals as per what the stakeholders and customers want is a win-win for both business profits and the growth of loyal customers. 

Product management 

With a strong hold on understanding customer needs, a CMO needs to verify the feasibility and influence of any new service/product to be launched in the market. Positive product development enhances market revenues and upscales shares, thereby increasing profits.

Primary duties of a CMO

Encouraging and promoting collaborative effort, with one’s team or otherwise, fall mainly on the head of any department, and it is the same with a company’s CMO. 

Here are some of the essential duties that a CMO must perform:


Promoting the company and its brand value in the business market 


Maintaining coordination within the marketing team to ensure smooth work

Client presentations

Preparing stakeholder meeting reports related to marketing and communications

Hiring processes

Hiring new candidates and taking part in the recruitment process

Intra/inter-company collaboration

Working with other team leads according to the company’s growth plans and reaching out to the CMOs of different companies in the prospect of a collaborative profit.

Intra-department leadership

Ensuring communication between the marketing team and other departments

Analysing new growth strategies

An essential part of increasing profit is reducing the business' shortcomings and simultaneously analysing a competitor’s strategies. It falls under a CMO’s purview to execute both. 

Become a CMO of the future

The amalgamation of technical and social competency is essential to thriving in a demanding job. CMOs need to lead while driving the company’s profit growth. To have diverse fields of expertise and excel in every one of them may be difficult, but not impossible.

An excellent online CMO programme in this domain is the IIM Raipur CMO program from Imarticus. The 10-month online course (with campus immersion options) is the best fit for aspiring CMOs. It prepares candidates for the job while exposing them to global strategic business goals. Visit Imarticus Learning to learn more. 

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