How to leverage fintech capabilities to create value in your finance career

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Industries are becoming dependent on technology. The finance industry is no exception. The pace at which fintechs are registering growth is amazing. They have transformed how we do banking, avail insurance services or make investments. The rise of fintechs benefits customers who are now getting efficient financial services. But it is also beneficial for job seekers and those with careers in finance. Fintechs are presenting newer opportunities. We need to develop important finance skills to change careers.

One of the best ways is to enrol in a fintech program. But before that, let’s learn about the skills you need to create value in your finance career.

Important Skills to Leverage Fintech Capabilities

Here are some of the important skills you need for a career in the FinTech world:

Use of Technology


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We need to develop our tech knowledge to prosper in the fintech industry. It's not limited to certain tools and techniques. Behind a fintech, there are various technologies in play. This includes Application Programming Interface (API), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing, IoT etc. It is important to understand the use of these technologies. You need to learn how they help fintechs revolutionise financial services.

Learning Everyday Tools Like Advanced Excel

Another important skill is to learn everyday tools like advanced excel. Excel is one of the most used tools in any industry. The formulas in excel can automate calculations. You need to know how to use formulas and keyboard shortcuts. It creates great value in your workspace.

Leverage Financial Modelling

Financial models allow companies to learn about historical performance, current financial situation, etc. It helps them assess and make accurate predictions. This helps to get deep insights into the current financial situation. One can measure performance against previous graphs.

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is nothing but visualising the data to derive meaningful conclusions. Here, data is transformed into engaging visuals. It offers a snapshot of the information. It helps the users understand the data better. Learning about data visualisation can help you add great value.

Understanding Fintech

The above skills can be useful to add value to our finance career. But what is more important is a thorough understanding of how fintech work. Fintechs are revolutionising the financial services industry. The way they operate is different from the conventional financial service organisations. We can learn more about fintechs through the following modes:

a) Certificate in Finance and Technology

These are academic programs with a key focus on the fintech environment. These fintech programs can provide deep insights into how the fintechs operate. You learn about current challenges, emerging technologies, etc. It prepares us for future roles in this industry holistically.

b) Employment in a Fintech Company

What could be more beneficial than gaining practical experience in fintech? Job in fintech companies allows us to understand the fintech industry at the ground level. We learn about the various challenges that fintechs face and how they overcome them. Further, we also learn how the fintechs are coping with changing technology, industry and regulatory environment. It allows us to put the academic knowledge gained in the fintech program into practical use.

Best Fintech Courses in India

Both the above ways of understanding fintechs are important. The former focuses on enhancing our knowledge. The latter focuses on providing practical insights. The finance and technology certificate is a gateway to entering the fintech industry. Leverage your fintech capabilities to create value in your finance career with proper knowledge.

Imarticus Learning offers Professional Certificate in Fintech. It was designed with the SP Jain School of Global Management. It is Asia’s premier fintech program and one of the best fintech courses in India. It empowers you through a comprehensive curriculum with real-world case studies. You get hands-on training from industry experts and practical projects. It also offers opportunities to interact with leading fintech entrepreneurs and leaders.

This course has everything from strategy to hands-on training for using various technologies. Further, we also get to implement our learning through a visionary fintech project that can bring a paradigm shift in business operations. It’s time we adapt to the changing financial environment and leverage fintech capabilities to prosper in our finance careers.

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