How to Join the Investment Banking Operations Industry without a Finance Degree?

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In the investment banking operation industry, in most cases, employers seek candidates with a finance degree. But, is it possible to make your way into the industry if you don’t have one? While without a doubt, the task is an uphill one for you to secure a job in investment banking if you don’t possess a finance degree; there are still ways you can get in.

A finance degree will make a candidate skillful in areas, like financial modeling and analysis; however, these are not all the qualities employers seek in a candidate. They want something more too.

The Skills Investment Banks Look for:

●     Communication

Communication is the key in most professions. Your ability to communicate the facts and present your ideas in a proper manner towards your client, team, or management often plays a vital role in job interviews.

●     Intelligence

Investment banking is not an easy industry. To succeed, you must have a higher level of intelligence and resourcefulness.

●     Global outlook

The way you look at finance and its impact within the bigger picture of international relationships and history and international politics plays a major role as an investment banker.

●     Innovation

As an employer, banks not only check if you can solve the problem but also the way you think and if you deliver the most optimum solution in the hard paced environment. Being innovative while solving problems will give you an edge in investment banking.

●     Passion and Resilience

A real passion for business and finance along with the ability to deal with high-stress and demanding environments can make you successful in the investment banking industry.

Now the bigger question is - how to achieve the skills desired in investment banking when you don’t have a finance degree. Below few points could be your guide:

●     Round off your degree

MBA in Investment BankingYou can always make your resume stronger even without a finance graduate degree by taking banking courses after graduation. You may opt for an investment banker course.

A relevant course will help you catch up with your competitors and also will make your resume suitable for investment banking employers.

●     Expand your knowledge base

There are plenty of materials available online or offline. It’s important to learn the finance lingo besides your finance knowledge. Various finance journals and websites are there at your disposal to learn the finance language.

●     Complete industry course

A relevant industry course under your belt not only makes you job-ready but also showcases your commitment to building a career in finance.

●     Score an internship

Many banks hire from their interns. Getting a paid internship for a non-finance student is very difficult; however, there are other options like an unpaid internship or volunteer work with a broker. Considering the impact of internships to get a full-time job in investment banking, alternate ways are not a bad choice either.

●     Look for mentorship

If you know someone who is influential or a successful finance professional, who believes in your professional capabilities, then don’t hesitate to approach for help. This could be a great help in your job search to jumpstart your career.

●     Networking

If you want to step in without a finance degree you have to build a large network. Do not leave any opportunities to connect HR departments in various platforms, do not restrict yourself to a specific location, and reach everyone for help. In short, do everything you can to step into a finance organization. Be patient, work hard and better opportunities will come your way.


Though it is difficult for a non-finance degree holder to secure a job in investment banking, relevant banking courses after graduation or an investment banker course can give you the edge you are looking for. With enough hard work and networking, you can join investment banking without a finance degree.

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