How to Become A Successful Data Analyst?

While the internet has overwhelming amounts of different options for learning how to become a Data Analyst, let us begin with the core understanding of what are the essential criterions for becoming a professional.

What is Data Analysis?

Let us first start with understanding what Data Analysis is. The term itself is self-explanatory. Data Analysis is the task of analysing different data from different sources and making it useful for different purposes.

What is the role of a Data Analyst?

So far you know what Data Analysis is, Let us understand the different tasks of a Data Analyst.
It involves a lot of numbers and algebraic functions. A professional Data Analyst assembles, processes, and implements statistical analysis of collected data. They make the accumulated data, useful. Data Analysts also help businesses and individuals in making profitable decisions. The analysts guide them in using the raw data and assist in making the raw data useful after applying specific algorithms and formulas.
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Skills required to become a Data Analyst

The primary, as well as significant skill requirements to become a successful Data Analyst, are extensive Technical Skills, Communication Skills and Attention to Detail. You also need to have a natural interest towards Mathematics and Statistics.

Technical skills to become a Data Analyst

  • Programming Skills: Statistical Language, Scripting Language and Querying Language
  • Data Visualization
  • Thorough knowledge of Databases
  • Understanding the applications of Data Mapping

You need to know some computer software. Learn statistical languages, such as SAS, R and Python; querying language, such as SQL, Hive and PIG and scripting language, such as MATLAB and Python.
To put it in a nutshell, you need to have the inclination of using data and making it ready for some purpose.

Academic qualification require

To begin with, if you are aspiring to become a Data Analyst, you need to have a degree in either one of the following disciplines: Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Information Management or Business Information Systems.
Apart from the degree, your interest in the field also plays a very important role. Today, you may come across a wide array of courses that teach you how to become a professional Data Analyst. You may opt for MSc Business Analytics, MSc Data Science, MSc Data Science, MSc Big Data and Analytics. You can also opt for private institutes that offer short courses on Data Analysis. The future in this career also looks very promising.

Your responsibilities once you become a Data Analyst

It is crucial to know what you will be doing, once you have acquired your Data Analysis skills. If you choose to become a professional Data Analyst, the following are the responsibilities that you may have to partake.

  • It will be your role to analyze the company’s statistics, understand processes, drawback and the loopholes, and boost the efficiency of the process
  • You may have to manage the entire data of the company
  • You may have to initiate new process enhancements and ideas
  • It could be your responsibility to quality check the data and monitor it regularly
  • You may have to implement different tools to monitor different data, and evaluate them periodically
  • You may need to create survey data for different clientele

In the technically advanced age that we live in Data is surely the most crucial part in almost all industries. Therefore, the need for skilled and qualified Data Analysts is being demanded by all sectors. The future of a Data Analysts is very huge. Study and courses on data analysis are also being hugely in demand. From the financial and investment industry to the IT industry, the top companies are always on the lookout for competent Data Analysts. So, go on, prepare yourself for a brilliant future.
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