How The IT Capital Is Perfect For Careers Beyond IT

The one advice most people get when they start out in their careers is to find a job that contributes to the top line of a company. To find something in the front row and not in a support function. Because when push comes to shove and the company is restructuring, support is often the first to go. Support functions also get the least amount of attention with regards to innovation and IT jobs often face the biggest brunt of all.
Some major IT support complaints include, “You don’t get the funding you want to do or the kind of work you want.” “No one takes you seriously.” “There is no opportunity for innovation, no need for groundbreaking technology and no requirement to be on the cutting edge of languages or coding.”
However, Investment Banking Technology is unique in this sense. In Investment Banking IT, it is critical to have a competitive advantage and being in IT starts to become less tedious because of the focus on keeping platforms relevant. And, they have the money!

The best part about IT in Investment Banking or any other data-heavy sector is that it’s a great diving board into Business Analysis.

Business Analysts are Change Managers. They try and understand the changing needs of an organization, gather data to validate that change and then understand the processes that will need to be implemented to meet that change and make sure that it’s implemented in a way that increases shareholder value. As a result, when working IT professionals from India’s silicon valley come to us for advice, we always recommend as a first option, that they look for Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore.

Business Analysts work across organizations and departments and can help in everything from Strategy – what needs to change, to implementation – let’s change it.

The definition of business analysis (according to the IIBA) is: “the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.”
Their focus areas cut across restructuring jobs by outsourcing, managing inventories, understanding how to spend on IT wisely and appreciating the growing role of technology in running corporations more efficiently.
A perfect case of Business Analysis is in outsourcing. A problem comes into the Business Analysts team – How do I cut costs in my Trading Department? The Business Analyst begins by gathering data about how the Trading Department works, what do they do, what can they do and how can you eliminate waste. They then try and understand the role of technology. Can the platform work better at eliminating waste? Where can this work better? Do I outsource this work? Would it be cheaper? What would the risks be? How do I transition a desk in Singapore to a desk in the Philippines as seamlessly as possible?
This is where IT professionals have the upper hand. Because of their comfort with dealing with large amounts of data and their ability to synthesize it, they evolve into perfect Analysts. The only difference being that they are doing it in a larger context.

The perfect Business Analyst will be the IT professional with excellent analytical abilities and single-minded focus on problem-solving combined with a strategic bent of mind that will not lose the forest for the trees.

This is what Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore such as BACP by Imarticus can help with. BACP or the Business Analysis Certified Professional is one of the few industry endorsed Business Analysis courses in Bangalore and one that is perfect for working IT professionals looking for careers beyond IT.

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