How the Transportation and Logistics Industry is Leveraging IoT and Blockchain for Environment Monitoring

cloud, blockchain and IoT course by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

Several external factors impact the businesses in the transportation and logistics industry. These determine the condition of the business processes and how the clients respond to them. Environment monitoring helps track all these factors that can impact the business processes and change the requirements in terms of services or products.

You can choose Imarticus Learning's SCBI program if you are interested in the environmental monitoring of transportation and logistics businesses. As a Cloud DevOps engineer specializing in IoT and Blockchain, you can work in various industries, including transportation and logistics. 

Application of IoT and Blockchain in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Commercial transportation is a huge part of several businesses. However, there are specific logistical challenges involved. The most significant of these challenges is cost. Following traditional methods of monitoring and evaluating transportation, companies often rely on paper transactions. This leads to an exorbitant cost that companies cannot reduce. Apart from the costs, processing times also increase. It can take ages and cause a delay in both payment and delivery. Therefore, there is a need to streamline all business operations and optimize them to reduce cost and time. You can do this through IoT and Cloud computing as well as Blockchain integration. 

best software engineering certification courseTo understand how the implementation of IoT and Blockchain can benefit the transportation and logistics industry, you need to consider environmental monitoring. Constant environmental monitoring with IoT and Blockchain can provide a clear picture of all demographic, economic, social, political, and legal factors affecting the industry. 

Apart from external factors influencing business processes, there are often risks involved that need assessment. In the transportation and logistics industry, you will have to deal with the risk of duplication or manipulation of files. If this happens, then transportation will be held up till all logistical issues are resolved. However, with Blockchain technology, such manipulation is not possible. The digital files created cannot be modified by anyone. 

IoT can also be instrumental in cargo monitoring for the transportation and logistics industry. IoT improves transparency and monitors the movement of cargo in real-time. Here sensors are used, and all parties involved are alerted in case of any breach. Thus, there is little chance of corruption or fraud. IoT and Blockchain can also assist in cargo shipping. The use of such technology ensures that the code of conduct is maintained and a continuous flow of data. The increased accessibility of information ensures that all transportation processes are optimised and transparent. 

To learn IoT and Blockchain, you can opt for a Blockchain course. However, it would be best to choose a course that includes all concepts related to software solutions. 

Understanding the Importance of IoT and Blockchain

To understand the importance and application of IoT and Blockchain technology in the transportation and logistics industry, you need to enroll in Imarticus Learning's Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT. The course offers in-depth knowledge about big data processing, IoT analytics, Blockchain fundamentals, and Blockchain development.

The duration of the software engineering program from Imarticus Learning is nine months. You will receive extensive training and industry experience during this period. Apart from the Blockchain course and specialization in IoT, you will also develop Cloud, NLP, machine learning, deep learning, and data science skills. It will open up many doors, and you can land a job in your field of interest and expertise. You can become a Cloud DevOps engineer or explore different careers. 

best software engineering certification courseThe software engineering program from Imarticus Learning is in collaboration with IIT Guwahati and E & ICT Academy. So, you can interact with industry experts and discuss the impact of IoT and Cloud computing in the current times. This will help you establish a network within the industry. 

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