Cloud Computing Decoded - 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Software Engineering in Cloud, Blockchain & IoT

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IoT and cloud computing backed by blockchain are on their way to revolutionizing the world. Software engineering in these areas has become critical to exploit the full potential of these technologies. Considering the business opportunities that are opening up and the multiple benefits that these technologies bring with them, you must be prepared to face the challenges of the industry.

Below you will find the main reasons why software engineering will take great importance in blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing and why a professional cloud  DevOps engineer certification is the best career move for you.

  1. Reduces Business Costs

For starters, one of the most important attractions of cloud computing for businesses is the reduction in costs. By using the cloud, companies are freed from spending money on the purchase and maintenance of equipment. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to invest in the construction of a data centre since everything that is needed can be obtained through the cloud.

 2. Provides Data Security

The Blockchain is coming to alleviate one of the main concerns about cloud computing, security. Security breaches can wreak havoc on any enterprise. Although cloud computing is currently very secure and one might believe that it is not as compatible with blockchain, the truth is that both technologies can be integrated, and this is where the cloud  DevOps engineer will shine.

3. Allows Total Mobility

How not to mention one of the main benefits of the cloud? Thanks to the cloud, all information can be retrieved, reviewed, or processed from any authorized device in just a few clicks. Indeed, this has completely revolutionized the way we work and thanks to the Internet of Things the impact is growing.

4. Promotes Collaboration

After mentioning how accessible information is thanks to the cloud, we must recognize that this also benefits the connectivity between people. Collaboration between people thanks to the cloud allows information to be shared in a simple, simultaneous, and above all secure way.

5. Helps Quality Control

Having a cloud system where all documents are stored in one place makes it easier to maintain data consistency. In this way, human errors can be avoided more easily, having a clear record of any update or change of information. And this also adds value vis-à-vis customers.

6. It Has Automatic Updates

By having a cloud computing service, updates, upgrades and modernization are generally paid for by the service provider. This is another excellent way to save costs and time. In reality, everything is left to the cloud  DevOps engineer.

7. Allows Loss Prevention

Storing all the information inside computers and physical hardware can lead to big problems if the equipment fails. Computers can fail on a frequent basis and this can lead to a great loss of information. Many companies rely on access to their information to work, so disruptions of this type are major setbacks. Cloud computing avoids this risk by ensuring access to information regardless of what happens to the physical hardware.

These are some of the reasons why these technologies have become relevant. These technologies are new, some relatively unknown, and their implementation, like any technological change, involves organizational risks. If this interests you and you want to go deeper into the subject, the professional cloud  DevOps engineer certification is the perfect option for you. With us, you will find the best cloud, blockchain, and IoT software engineering course (SCBI) designed by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, and Imarticus Learning for new-age software engineers.

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