How Much Does it Cost to Become Scrum Master

If you intend to make a career as a Scrum-Master then you need scrum master certification. It is normal that you will have many questions about the CSM course and that is the right due-diligence you need to take. So, let us explore the cost and benefits of the certified scrum master course.

Certified Scrum Master Workshop

Certified Scrum Master workshop at Imarticus Learning gets you job-ready for the role of SM. Being an entry-level program you can discover answers to the following questions.
• What is Scrum? Is it different from Agile and traditional frameworks?
• What are Scrum core values?
• When can Scrum be used? What are the determining factors and project complexity?.
• What are the different responsibilities and roles in a scrum-team?
• What are Sprint Review, Daily stand-up, Release Planning and Sprint Retrospective in Scrum?
• What are scrum artefacts like Sprint Backlog, Burndown Charts, Product Backlog etc?
• How will the scrum master certification help me?

Why is CSM appropriate for me?

Anyone can enrol for the CSM workshop if their core interest lies in frameworks increasing efficiency in project management. Some knowledge of business practices, project management or experience working in an agile enterprise helps the understanding process. Scrum and Agile are buzz words already adopted in most Indian enterprises like Wipro, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Infosys, HCL and more. You can accelerate your career progression with the scrum master certification if you are an IT professional.
You will have to attend and complete the 2-day workshop which is mandatory for certification and then attempt the online certification exam. The total cost of the scrum certificate is USD 100 which is normally included in the workshop cost paid by the trainee. The certifying Scrum Alliance has specifically made it classroom training in scrum mandatory. Hence one has to complete the workshop to be eligible to take the certifying exam and obtain certification through the accredited training partners Imarticus Learning.
Many attributes like soft-skills in communicating with the team and adopting scrum methodology need face-to-face interactions and cannot be conveyed in the virtual or other modes. However, along with the classroom-oriented workshop, you get the allied online programs of
• Creating value with Scrum Framework
• Agile mindset and principles on how Agile mindset is different from the Waterfall mindset.
• Kanban for teams in software development to help Scrumban/Kanban implementation and improve team productivity.
Certification Process
The exam pattern for the scrum master certification consists of 35 multi-choice objective-type questions based on applications of the scrum guide principles. You get one hour to complete the exam which has no negative marking for wrong answers. You are permitted two free attempts to clear the Scrum Alliance exam. If that is still not sufficient you can pay afresh to take the final third attempt. The pass-percentage is 65 per cent meaning you need to get at least 24 correct answers out of the total 35 questions. What you definitely will not need is tuitions since the course prepares you for the certifying exams in the CSM workshop.
Will I Get a Job After This CSM Course
The CSM workshop has no assured job assistance attached to it. However, the Imarticus course ensures you are job-ready for the scrum master role. Additionally, the program does include accelerators to finding a job like the
• Interview Guide – Revision of interview questions, mock interviews etc free of cost.
• Quizzes – Scrum quizzes can help in the certifying exams and allows you to revise concepts and interview questions on Scrum.
• Career Prepping- You can have face-to-face certified trainer interaction to clear career doubts.
• Networking opportunities – You can network more effectively by joining the Imarticus community of bloggers. Discuss Agile portals or post videos on the YouTube Imarticus channel, be a scrum speaker at events in your hometown, take webinars online for Imarticus clients and more. These activities improve your visibility and personal brand so jobs and recruiters can chase you with job offers.
Concluding Notes:
Imarticus offers a variety of Agile courses and uses only certified Scrum and Agile trainers. Other than the support offered at and for the CSM course you can expect to have a lifelong relationship with them. Do your scrum master certification with Imarticus today.

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