How Long Does It Take to Get Agile Certification

Agile Certification

What is Agile Certification?

In this period where conventional project development methods are not enough, Agile in the need. The demand for agile certified people has gradually increased in the IT industry. If you are doing agile certification you will learn ways to enhance the project performance by getting to know about the concepts of Agile and how those are implemented. If you have learned about Agile or you are such a practitioner who wants to check the skills in this domain and wants to upward your career then you need to get Agile Certification. You need to check the right certification that would stand you out from other people.

You will see many institutions are offering different agile certification. It is not easy to choose an agile certification that would be good for upskilling & moving ahead in your career. In this article, I will discuss why to do the agile certification and different certifications that are available today.

Why do Agile Certifications?

Agile is almost the same as other provinces like Project Management & Service management. But the organization looks for people who are certified in this domain. This is the main reason why such agile professionals go certification courses so that it is easy for them to make a career in this domain. There are advantages of doing such certifications that include better salary, recognition, etc.

What are the top Agile Certifications?

Different institutes and certifications are in the market today offering such certification courses to help people in this domain. When you have so many people offering the same things then you get confused while choosing the best for you. Because you are going to invest your money, you need to check the most beneficial certification for you that will help you enhance your career in this domain.

Scrum is the agile methodology that is easy to understand is considered to be the most popular. Many case studies are there under a scrum, so many different certifications are based on scrum.

Here are a few of the best Agile certifications that can be done by the people who want to build a career in Agile-

1. PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Professional).
2. Scrum Alliance (Certified Scrum Master/Certified Scrum Product Owner/Certified Scrum Developer).
3. Scrum Alliance (Certified Scrum Professional).
4. Professional Scrum Master/Professional Scrum Product Owner/Professional Scrum Developer -1.
5. SAFe Scaled Agilists.

How to choose the best agile certification for you?

As you are aware that multiple certifications are present and many are scrum-based. Because it is the often-used form of agile. You may be still confused about picking up the right certification for you.

Let’s have a clear idea of how to proceed?

• Step 1: Anyone how wants to gain knowledge about agile should start from scratch of Agile/Scrum.
• Step 2: Once you are done basics of Agile are cleared you should move forward to advance knowledge.
• Step 3: Scaling is considered to be the last step.

Many other agile certifications are there in the market apart from the five that are mentioned above. People have to make a good call while choosing what is best for them. If your sole aim is of changing the job then you can go with “PMI-ACP & CSM” that is more popular. If your aim to gain whole knowledge from scratch to expert then “PSM-I” is best. So, you need to look wisely at what is the best certification for you which would help you to shape your career. You need a lot of research on the course before investing your money.

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