How do I get Certified in Change Management?

Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change Management is a process which helps organisations/firms to cope up with the changes/development. Whenever a firm takes on a new project or training course to develop their business capacity, it requires a change. You must have heard that “change is the nature of development.” But it is the employees of any particular firm who have to adapt quickly. If they fail to do so, the company might witness a loss.
Change management helps individuals to grasp new technologies faster and adapt to the current circumstances. There are a lot of jobs in this field ranging from Talent Manager to Change Management Manager. The average salary in change management in the United States is $115,173 per year. One can get a certification in change management in various ways. Let us see how to get certified in change management in this article.

How to train

There are business schools that offer MBA courses with specialisation in Change Management. With all the technological advancement/innovation going around, it can be tough for even the top ones to cope up. This can be a very effective degree for people who want to understand and revolutionize business.
There are online courses available for distant learning. Almost all the top business universities have their change management online courses. One can analyse their strengths and can choose in which way they want to train. There are various types of change management courses and let us discuss which courses are best.

Few effective courses in change management

• The Change Management Foundation Certificate created by APMG International & Change Management Institute (CMI) is one of the best courses to understand organizational change. There are various training modules available in this course which will help you to identify any type of organizational change. It will help you to motivate people during a change and quickly adapt to the changes. There is an MCQ test consisting of fifty questions and you have to pass it to get the certification. Training modules are recommended but are not compulsory for taking the test.

• The Change Management Specialist (CMS) certification which was developed for the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is one of the best courses for people who have a prerequisite in this field. The certification program will teach you to find common causes of organisational change failures. Well-tested theories/models in change management will be taught in this course. There is also an exam and the trainees who qualify it get 30 Professional Competency Units (PCUs) & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units.

• The Prosci Change Management Certification is one of the best courses available which is not online. This course requires a 3-day in-person commitment. One has to bear the exam fee, accommodation charges, and training charges. This certification campaign takes place multiple times in a year and happens at different locations globally. It will teach the trainees the Prosci ADKAR model which is used to deal with organizational/project changes. They will also provide the opportunity to use this model in any of their ongoing project for experimental and faster learning. One will get to learn about change management communication.

A Change Management Certification will help you understand and cope up with the developments that require a change in the working atmosphere of a company/firm. It helps you to be agile (be able to adapt quickly) in terms of ever enhancing technology. It helps you in breaking down the change process into simpler parts and then implementing them on your team. This article was all about ways to get a Change management certification and some of the best courses available in the market. I hope it helps!

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