How is IIT Roorkee digital marketing course different from other courses?

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Digital marketing is taking over the business niche. Nowadays, businesses tend to look for candidates who are proficient in digital marketing and can reach out to existing and new customers with ease. 

Millennials these days are looking to learn SEO and digital marketing to enhance their growth prospects. In this context, IIT Roorkee offers an advanced certification in Digital Marketing that is curated to help aspirants reach great heights in their careers.

In this article, we are going to learn about the essentials of digital marketing online courses, what course benefits IIT Roorkee digital marketing course provides and many more! 

Essentials in a Digital Marketing Online Course

Digital marketing confers to a marketing practice that uses digital devices, technology and platforms. Studying digital marketing will provide a deep understanding of online marketing, advertising, and sales promotion. A list of certain essentials to look for in a Digital Marketing online course -

  • Incorporating Search Engine Optimization in the course. 
  • A concise understanding of website design and performance. 
  • Having an understanding of different types of marketing- content marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing and digital advertising. 
  • Understanding Google or Website analytics.
  • Teaching about different communication strategies and planning. 
  • Making the students aware of different software and tech tools like MarTech. 

Why Is IIT Roorkee Digital Marketing Course Different From Other Courses? 

Digital marketing consists of a vast spectrum that deals with different forms of online marketing strategies. For improved customer retention and brand awareness, many companies rely on digital marketing strategies and techniques.

The IIT Roorkee Digital Marketing course encompasses the finest aspects to teach aspirants the optimal ways to become successful digital marketers. Here we have listed out why the course at IIT Roorkee is different from other online digital marketing courses in India. 

Program Highlights 

IIT Roorkee provides you with tons of beautiful learning experiences that are needed in a digital marketing course. They are: 


  • Engaged Learning System: IIT Roorkee in association with Imarticus Learning helps to create engaging learning methods to keep the students always on track. The faculties are known to employ methodologies that include different projects, case studies and live examples from different digital marketing events. 


  • Enticing Curriculum: In this course, you will learn the foundation of digital marketing. It consists of advanced components like digital marketing analytics and its future for learning different aspects of AI Marketing and AI-based automation methods. 

  • Peer Learning and Networking Methods: To keep up with the new learning method trends, the program helps you to build relationships with some of the leaders in this industry. You will also build several meaningful connections with your peers through networking that will upscale your career. 

Program Objectives 

This program comes with the intent to provide you with the best digital marketing course India has to offer. IIT Roorkee is concentrated to provide high-class learning opportunities to improve their understanding of the subject. They are: 


  • Deep understanding of the topic: IIT Roorkee wants the students to learn from the basics of digital marketing and MarTech spectrum topics that include different analytics for digital marketers along with augmented reality and search engine marketing. 

  • Building the next generation marketers: IIT Roorkee aims to provide a strong curriculum like real-life case studies and interactions with industry professionals. This would build a great future for the next generation of marketers. 

  • A world-class immersion program: IIT Roorkee provides students with a world-class campus immersion program so that they can achieve their aspirations. This would further help transform you into a successful digital marketer or a MarTech expert. 

Benefits of This Course 

The course from IIT Roorkee provides you with a plethora of opportunities to head start your new career. Enrolling in this program would help you with: 

  • Acquiring every kind of industry-relevant skill by learning about digital marketing tools and practices. 
  • You will learn about the latest digital marketing trends and stay ahead of your game. 
  • Enhance your spontaneous decision-making and analytical skills that would impact you greatly in the long run. 
  • The faculty of IIT Roorkee is highly qualified and you learn through practical case studies with utmost clarity. 
  • The training sessions are online, hence there is no hassle with the commute. 
  • The prestigious degree from IIT Roorkee would optimize your academic profile. 
  • With the progressive experts of IIT Roorkee, you will gain a competitive advantage in the digital world. 
  • You will gain an integrated and cutting-edge educational experience online that will intrigue your love towards digital marketing. 


The IIT Roorkee Digital Marketing course is a value-laden workshop that gives the aspirants a new horizon for learning opportunities. It is a worthwhile course perfect for budding digital marketers thus making a successful career in this field. Even if you are working professionally, this certificate course would come to you as a boon since this will help you upscale your knowledge about digital marketing. 

If you are interested in getting a certificate in digital marketing course with placement, check out Imarticus Learning's Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and MarTech by IIT Roorkee. It is a completely online certificate program with a three-day campus immersion module. The duration is just 4.5 months which is going to give your career a new height. 

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