UAE - Game on: 5 creative ways to use gamification in your employee onboarding programme

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The UAE is known for its rapid growth and development in various fields, including business and technology. As such, companies in the UAE are always looking for a fresh approach to improve their employee onboarding process.

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One such method gaining popularity is gamification. Gamifying the onboarding process can be an effective way to engage newly hired employees.

In this article, we will explore five creative ways for gamification in employee onboarding in your programme.

Five creative ways of a gamifying onboarding strategy

Want to make employee onboarding more fun and engaging? Gamification can help! Here are five creative ways to do it:

Virtual reality (VR) training

VR training is an immersive and interactive way to teach new employees about the company, its products and its processes. Gamifying onboarding through VR provides employees with a unique and engaging experience. This strategy motivates them to learn by doing.

Consider a scenario where newly hired employees in the hospitality sector can enhance their knowledge about diverse room categories, facilities and attributes by virtually touring a hotel. This method is not just entertaining but also contributes to improved information retention among employees.

Mobile-Based Scavenger Hunts

Using scavenger hunts in employee onboarding is a popular approach. Now, they can be made even more engaging by turning them into games. By using mobile-based scavenger hunts, new employees can explore the company and learn about its culture.

For example, software companies may request new hires to complete tasks such as finding the most innovative workstation, taking a photo with a coworker or locating the company's mission statement. This activity is not just enjoyable, but it also fosters teamwork and assists new employees in getting to know their colleagues.

Interactive Onboarding Games

Interactive games are another way to gamify the onboarding process. These games test new hires' knowledge about the company and its policies.

For example, in the healthcare industry, new hires can participate in a game that involves matching medical terms with their corresponding definitions. This approach not only enhances engagement and fun but also aids in better retention of information.

Leaderboards and badges

Leaderboards and badges are popular gamification techniques used in the onboarding process. Employees can earn points or badges by completing tasks or achieving milestones.

A newly hired finance employee can receive a badge after completing a training module or achieving a score in a game. Leaderboards can also be used to encourage healthy competition among employees. This onboarding strategy is a powerful motivator for new employees.

Role-Playing Simulations

Role-playing simulations can teach new employees about different scenarios they may encounter on the job. These simulations aid new hires:

  • to handle difficult situations and
  • to interact with customers or clients.

Newly recruited retail employees can participate in a simulation to practice resolving a customer complaint. This provides a safe environment for refining their skills and prepares them for real-world scenarios.

To summarise

Companies should ensure new hires understand what the job is and how to do it. Gamifying onboarding process can help new employees feel welcome and help them learn the job more quickly.

UAE companies looking to gamify their onboarding process can include VR training, mobile-based scavenger hunts, interactive onboarding games, leaderboards and badges and role-playing simulations.

By implementing these creative approaches, companies can increase employee engagement and enhance their bottom line. Game on!

Imarticus Learning offers a complete gamifying onboarding strategy that helps new hires quickly blend into the company culture and excel in their roles. With a focus on practical training, personalised mentoring and industry-relevant skills, Imarticus Learning provides a unique learning experience that empowers employees to achieve their full potential. Connect with us!

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