How Is a Machine Learning Course Helping Secure Bright Careers?

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Machine Learning (ML) is an emerging technology that has taken businesses by storm. Currently, more than 30% of businesses in India have already adopted machine learning technology or are planning to adopt it. Besides being termed as the ‘hottest job of the century’, ML job roles also offer lucrative salaries.

ML along with AI (Artificial Intelligence), plays a crucial role in data science operations. Young enthusiasts are looking for ML/AI courses that offer them industry-oriented learning. Read on to know how an ML course can aid in building a successful career.

Reasons to learn ML & AI

 The reasons one should look for an industry-oriented ML course are as follows:

  • The compound annual growth rate of the global ML market is more than 40%. Businesses are adopting ML/AI technologies on a large scale. There will be no shortage of ML job roles in the industry for the coming years. Also, the salaries of ML job roles in the industry are expected to increase in the coming years.
  • ML and AI are versatile technologies that are used by different sectors of the industry. ML/AI algorithms are also used for day-to-day operations in many public sectors. Sectors like healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, education, and retail use ML for their day-to-day operations.
  • Machine learning helps in building smart data analysis algorithms. You can gain meaningful insights from data analysis and understand your customers/clients better. Data analysis skills will also come in handy for making several real-life decisions.

Why go for online ML training?

Colleges in India usually do not provide a certification course in AI or ML. AI/ML is usually included in the traditional degree programs as a subject. You will have to go through the entire degree program to learn machine learning at a college. It is where online training allows you to learn machine learning without enrolling in a degree program. Also, the recent COVID pandemic made it difficult for young enthusiasts to attend classroom lectures.

artificial intelligence and machine learning coursesWorking professionals can commit to an online machine learning course depending upon their free hours. However, you will have to choose an effective machine learning course that makes you job-ready. Imarticus Learning is a reliable EdTech firm that offers industry-oriented machine learning and artificial intelligence course.

Why choose the ML course offered by Imarticus?

Imarticus Learning is a reputed EdTech platform that offers a Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in partnership with IIT Guwahati. This 9-months long certification program can help in preparing for numerous jobs like ML/AI engineer, data analyst, and data scientist. The reasons one should choose the AI/ML certification course are as follows:

  • ai and ml courses
    At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate endorsed by ITT Guwahati, one of the top educational institutions in India. The AI/ML certificate endorsed by IIT Guwahati will be globally recognizable. Also, you will get a 3-day campus immersion program with this course that allows you to interact with faculty members and peers of IIT Guwahati.
  • You will work on more than 100 assignments and 25 projects during the course. Real-life projects will aid in learning the ML industry practices.
  • Numerous AI/ML topics will be covered in this certification course. Some popular topics covered in this course are dimensionality reduction, unsupervised learning, deep learning, NLP, etc.
  • Towards the end of the machine learning and artificial intelligence course, you will compete in a hackathon to judge your AI/ML skills. You will also receive career support towards the end of the course from Imarticus.

In a nutshell

Imarticus has already placed many data scientists in some of the top organizations of the world. With their industry-oriented course curriculum, they will make you job-ready. Start your ML certification course now!

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