How Data Analytics is Reviving Up the Digital Economy

best big data analytics courses in India

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Today, data analytics is a booming industry. It has been estimated that the data analytics market will grow to $187 billion by 2025. These numbers are staggering and they just show how much potential this industry holds for those willing to take on it as a career.

Data analysts have an essential role in our digital economy because they dig out insights from raw data to help companies make better decisions. To succeed as a data analyst, one must be adept with programming languages such as Python, R, SAS, or SQL, among others, and know statistical analysis techniques.

Data analytics course is used to make decisions about important marketing campaigns, product development, and customer service. Data analysis techniques include descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, cluster analysis, exploratory data analysis (EDA), causal modeling, and regression modeling.

Use of Big Data and Analytics

The definition of "digital economy" has been blurred by its widespread use but in general, let's understand what it means. The digital economy uses technology to create, capture, store, manage, transmit and exchange information. One example of this includes using a cell phone app to order food online.

Here, the companies have created an online interface for customers to easily find restaurants that deliver in their area and then order by clicking on what they want. This eliminates the need for human intervention because all orders are taken or placed through the device. This means that the entire process has become hassle-free.

Another most common example where big data is used is retail stores. They use it to analyze their customers' shopping habits, so they know what products to put out on display during a particular time frame throughout the day. This helps them in maximizing profits while also making sure that every customer gets a personalized experience when they visit the store.

In the same way, most companies use big data to analyze and find patterns in the available data. They leverage this data to derive insights that offer a unique experience to their target group. Companies dig deeper into these insights to identify untapped business opportunities that they can explore. Companies can identify a niche and expand into that area to fill the need gap.

They also have many other options for growth, such as partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions within their target industry verticals; these strategies allow them to survive and thrive in changing markets while often expanding business operations. While exploring new business areas, companies always study the data available to forecast the project's profitability.

Use Case of Big Data and Data Analytics

Data analytics is an essential tool when it comes to modern marketing & growing the digital economy. Without it, a company's decisions would be made without any data to back them up, and you could miss out on some excellent growth opportunities!

best data analytics courses in IndiaThe good news is that there are many different types of data analysis techniques available, so you can find one that works best with the kind of information you have at hand.

If this sounds like something worth investing in, you can consider enrolling for several online courses on Data Analytics from Imarticus Learning. You will learn how to analyze data yourself and come up with insights or use a computer program such as Microsoft Excel and several other data science tools to analyze data.


The digital economy is expanding day by day, and it might replace traditional economies in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools manage data in this new environment, while manual tasks remain essential for understanding the numbers.

However, businesses rely heavily on consumer insights obtained through machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are decoded with the help of analysts who provide valuable input during the decision-making processes.

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