In Financial Analysis, Why Is Everyone Competing for the Same Talent?

best financial analyst and modelling courses

Data analytics has given better decision-making powers to organizations and individuals. The meaningful insights generated after data analysis help businesses and individuals around the world. Financial analysis is a popular practice for businesses and investors. Before indulging in a financial transaction or deal, financial analysis can help in uncovering the profits and losses.

Financial analysis may seem simple but it can get complicated for large business deals. Many individuals are competing for the same talent in financial analysis and there is high competition. Read on to know more about financial analysis and how to launch a career with a financial analyst course.

Understanding financial analysis

 Financial analysis is performed to evaluate the potential and stability of businesses, projects, or budgets. Financial analysis can be performed for other finance-related activities as well. You can determine whether an entity is stable enough to invest in or not via financial analysis.

Businesses use financial analysis to determine future/economic trends and invest in potential opportunities in the market. Businesses can perform financial analysis internally as well as externally. Internal financial analysis can determine the performance of a business and compare it with past results. External financial analysis can be used to find better investment opportunities for a business.

Companies usually perform financial analysis before a merger or acquisition to find whether it is beneficial for the company or not. A financial analyst uses all the financial statements like income sheet, balance sheet, and cash flow sheet to perform financial analysis.

The most common practice in financial analysis is comparing the data in financial statements to that of other companies. Some companies also compare their financial statements to their past financial records. It helps in measuring the sustainability and performance of a business at any point.

No business or investor wants to invest in a financial deal that will not provide huge returns. Financial analysis is the basic solution for determining the productivity and potential of a business deal. In financial analysis, everyone has the same goal that is to measure the potential of a business, deal, or transaction. Since more and more firms are demanding the services of financial analysts, the demand for an effective financial analyst course has increased.

Where to look for a financial analysis course?

Physical institutions do not offer an individual program in data science as it is included as a subject in a degree program. The recent COVID pandemic also made it tough to attend classroom lectures for data analysis.

best financial analyst coursesThe best option is to go for an online course to learn and become a chartered financial analyst. Imarticus Learning offers reliable financial modeling courses that follow an industry-oriented curriculum.

Why go for financial analysis courses by Imarticus?

 Imarticus Learning offers a Financial Analysis Prodegree program in association with KPMG. KPMG is a premier corporate service and accounting firm that has a global presence. The pros of choosing this financial analysis course are as follows:

  • This course will allow you to work on six real-world projects and understand the life of a chartered financial analyst.
  • Imarticus will offer mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and job leads to help you build a career.
  • With a KPMG-endorsed curriculum, you can know about industry practices.
  • Numerous topics of financial analysis will be covered in this course like accounting, financial modeling, valuation, equity research, and M&A.


Imarticus offers one of the best financial modeling courses in the country that also provide placement assistance. It also follows tech-enabled learning that aids in knowing about the tools and technologies used in the industry. Start building your career as a chartered financial analyst!

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