How Do You Become a Financial Controller?

Become Financial Controller

Are you great with number crunching and have excellent organizational skills, then this job should be what you are aiming at! A financial controller makes the most important decisions in the business with regard to the finances of the company. A trustworthy job as you will be handed the financial reins of the control of inflow and outflow of cash, you will definitely see the positive impact that your hard work will make on the company’s turnover and growth.
Some previous experience as an accountant or in a similar role of managing finance is a prerequisite to be considered for the job of a financial controller. The job demands a high level of knowledge, skill, dexterity, confidence, responsibility, and accountability. If this sounds like the path, you want to take read on to find out more about the roles and responsibilities, prerequisites, salary, hours of work and more.
What does a Financial Controller’s job entail? Are you cut out to embark on a career in that domain. Well as a financial controller you will be responsible for the accounting operations of the company and reporting to the Finance Director. Preparing financial reports, documenting accounts, corporate accounting, budgeting, forecasting- you will be involved in every aspect of the organization that remotely requires money. You will be managing the financial transactions of a company right from accounts payable to payroll. Irrespective of which industry you work in- every company needs a Mathematics wizard to manage their finances and with an interest and a financial analyst course you could be on the right path to becoming a Financial Controller.
You could complete a finance or accounting degree for e.g., Bachelors in Commerce or Bachelors in Business Management with a specialization in finance which would take you about years. You could also earn a Master’s degree to have an added advantage. If you do not want to take the university route, you can learn by enrolling in a Financial Analyst certification course offered online. Your employer may fund this for you while you train to become an accountant, and then you can work your way up the ladder. Financial Analysis courses in Hyderabad offer great study options for those who want to move progressively towards becoming a Financial Controller.
There is good news for those aiming to be Financial Controllers- it is a typical 9-5 job with weekends and bank holidays to yourself depending on the organization. Qualified financial controllers can earn anywhere between Rs 15,00,000 - Rs 35,00,000. The range could be higher depending on the size of the company and the experience of the candidate.
Once you gain a degree or even experience in accounting or a financial position, it is important to leverage your expertise and build your supervisory skills to become a Financial Controller. Being in control of finance means solving complex issues, dealing with pressurizing situations with an analytical mind. It is important to be exceptionally organised to meet deadlines and comply with regulations. Your primary responsibility will be to see the “bigger picture” and the financial health of the organization rather than just day-to-day numbers.
If you have your sights set on this role, then just get yourself a role in accounting or finance, get certified with a qualification, work hard and learn the ropes to prove yourself worthy of single-handedly managing the funds of a company.

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