What Are Good Topics For Thesis In Bachelor Of Finance-course

Financial Analysis Topics

One of the essential to earning your degree in finance is that you have to submit your dissertation on a financial analysis topic that has to be eye-catching and demonstrate your ability to defend the topic. Financial Analysis being an ocean of streams and topics it is wise to choose a topic based on your area of interest.

How to write your thesis:

For information on the title page, format to be used, font size, sections, headers etc. use the guidelines laid out in the assignment brief. The thesis layout and writing should include the following for easy understanding of your research and study, great presentation and academic requirements of writing.
A Foreword: A Foreword thanking people who contributed, explaining your thesis briefly and serving as a personal note.
A chapter on Introduction: The introduction chapter is where your research goals, topics of study and the background of your methodology is a must.
The Methodology used: Here you will lay out every step of action taken during your research, analysis and inferences making the process of your study.
Presentation of Data: This chapter should be devoted to outcome presentation, how this helps development and the value of your inferences.

Any additional chapters required.
Bibliography and sources review: In this chapter go about explaining your consultative sources referred to for study. Also, provide a list of literary references that can be looked to for authentication of information and data used.
The Concluding note: Use this chapter to reinforce the main topics and inferences of your thesis while providing constructive ways of furthering studies on the topic and its development.

Interesting Financial Analysis Topics:

Depending on your field of interest (Marketing, taxes, Corporate Governance, etc.) use the following topics to quick-start the thinking process and narrow down your topics.

  • The features of China’s financial markets
  • Fraud and its impact in financial markets
  • Economics of Financial markets
  • The risk analysis of financial markets
  • Impact of governmental decisions on the financial markets
  • The Wall Street Financial markets assessment
  • The financial markets effects caused by the high-frequency trading system
  • Why financial markets flourish in a strong economy
  • The investor benefits in stock markets Government and its impact on capital markets
  • How money markets affect the financial system
  • Spot markets and their effects
  • The features of the Bond Market
  • The spot market features
  • Private investing and the derivatives market
  • Secondary Vs Primary market
  • The impact of the interbank market on foreign exchange
  • Over-the-counter markets roles and impact
  • Third and fourth markets impact
  • IMF and emerging markets
  • The impact of the Greek economy on the European markets
  • Valuations and a bullish market

A good financial analysis course/ financial analyst certification from a reputed company like  Imarticus will boost your career chances and are particularly advantageous to you because of the global robust curriculum, hands-on practice on popular tools, an industry-relevant project involving real-time live data, and excellent mentorship provided which makes you industry-ready from day one. There are very many opportunities, and the payouts are great as witnessed on most job portals.

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