How do you become a bitcoin/blockchain expert?


In the US companies like the conservative IBM, groups like the R3 Consortium and newbies like Bloq and several others were responsible for transforming the Bitcoin blockchain into the revolution of Blockchain technology. The core feature of blockchains is the distributed ledger which is public and stores all transactions which are verified, recorded and make use of cryptography for encryption resulting in unbeatable trustworthy, secure and transparent transactions. The awesome features of blockchains can be used in

  • Financial transactions and sectors needing immutable records like banks, stock markets, real estate transactions and such.
  • Recording rights, trademarks, patents and preventing plagiarism in music, literary, entertainment, art and such fields.
  • Legal contracts, recording of registration, agreements, transfer certificates, etc.
  • Insurance, Healthcare, subsidy distribution, and such sectors.

Types of Developers:
As a tech-geek, you can become a Core Blockchain Developer or a Blockchain Software Developer. Core developers deal with architecture development, protocol design, decision-making, consensus design, and design development. The developers of software deal with the protocol and architecture used in creating blockchain enabled applications.
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Tech skills required:

  • Coding skills are essential for logical interpretations and quantification.
  • Cryptography and its methods like the hash functions (KECCAK256, SHA256, etc) and a digital signature generating asynchronous cryptography.
  • The architecture of blockchains laid out in the Bitcoin whitepaper, fundamentals of distributed and centralized networks, consensus, cryptographic hash functions, and distributed ledgers in blockchain fundamentals, its architecture and working, convention theory used for decentralizing the architecture, MVC, Document-view, MVVM, fundamental communication architecture, G and bus architecture.
  • Programming languages and relational database procedural languages like OOPs, C, JavaScript, C, etc.
  • Structures of Data including data structures like Stack, Merkle trees, Patricia trees, advanced cryptography, Queues,  LinkedList, Tree, Hedera HashMaps, etc.

·Smart Contract enablers like Truffle suite installation and working on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu.

  • Platforms and frameworks like HashGraph, Hyper Ledge, Ethereum, EOS, etc.
  • Development of Smart Contracts including functionalities of smart contracts and specific network languages like Ethereum’s Solidity, Chaincode, Viper, etc.
  • Web-Development both front and backend decentralized application development, handling APIs, requests, Dapps based interactive GU interfaces, etc.

Job scope and payouts:
Indian salaries range according to Glassdoor in the range of Rs19 to 21K in India for fresh candidates and Rs 288 to 313K for the experienced at higher levels. In the US Application Developers get an average salary of 85,534$ pa and for a Software Engineer, it is about 98,460 $ pa. According to Upwork blockchain engineering and development is the second most-evolving sector.
In parting, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a blockchain developer then do a certified course from a reliable institute like Imarticus. This ensures you get both the theoretical knowledge, technical skills to adapt the learning into solutions, and practical knowledge of trends and industry-relevant knowledge to further your career. To learn all about blockchain technology or the bitcoin blockchain one can do a fintech course. Such blockchain certification can give your career a head-start.

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