How Can I Start Career in Blockchain Technology

What’s trending today might be obsolete tomorrow that’s how fast-paced technology has made our lives. Every other day you hear some news about a new technological marvel that creates a benchmark. A decade ago nobody had even heard of Blockchain technology, let alone thinking about pursuing a career in the field. Today it is one of the most sought after fields and is counted among the industries with most rewarding career prospects given the growing demand for and acceptance of this technology. Before jumping over to how can you start a career in this domain let’s get a brief idea about what this technology actually is.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain can be understood as a decentralized digital ledger that contains information related to transactions of economic significance. The blocks contain data related to the transaction like information about the parties involved, timestamp of the transaction, etc. One of the unique features of this technology is that the information stored in blocks can’t be altered later on, this makes it less vulnerable to the malpractices of corruption.
To simplify things it can be understood as a shared spreadsheet where changes are recorded from multiple users in the network who has the access to the document and there is a track of changes made by people within the network. It is not entirely the same as a spreadsheet, it is a form of the digital ledger and the security and sharing are a little more complex than a shared spreadsheet. The technology was initially developed to power cryptocurrencies but given its high utility, it was accepted across various other industries like healthcare, real estate, insurance, etc.

Building a Career in Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is still in the nascent stage and a lot is still unexplored in this domain. The technology has a plethora of opportunities for developers and other tech geeks, given its application across multiple industries, it is yet to reach its full potential in terms of employment generation. Since the field is comparatively new, there is no standardized formal education which is designed for people eying to pursue a career in this field.
What matters here more than a degree is the skillset you carry and the knowledge you have amassed, given your interest and curiosity in this technology. Blockchain course is designed to educate people who are eager and want to gain a holistic knowledge of the technology and its applications. The blockchain courses will give you kick-start as a beginner but since this technology is still in infancy you’ll need to be attentive towards the developments in the field and also you’ll need to upskill yourselves according to the changes in the industry.

One of the most important steps towards your career progression in this field is to understand the fundamentals of this technology. Every unique technology has a unique value proposition; the internet aimed to make an uninterrupted interconnected network, the core idea behind blockchain is to provide a method for exchange of value where no third party is involved. Understanding the essential elements of blockchain technology like decentralization, cryptography, smart contracts, etc. is vital.
Blockchain developer is an in-demand job role in this field, this requires technical expertise in the digital ledger technology to have a sound career. Learning JavaScript for web development and Solidity for Smart Contract would be a good start in the right direction. Having a background in computer science will give you a boost and programming knowledge is an added advantage.

Cryptography is at the core of the blockchain technology, applications of blockchain in areas of asset management is possible because of cryptography. Cryptography is proving to be helful in securing assets and is used by big corporations for the same. Training yourself in cryptography and opting for a blockchain course will increase your chances of landing a job in this domain given the growing demand for cryptography across multiple industries.

In addition to this, there are several cryptography projects in the market that also rewards you for completion, this will help you develop your skills and also help you to assess where your interest lies. You can be a part of blockchain communities where you’ll get the required exposure and guidance that will help you analyse and choose among the career options available in the blockchain domain.

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