Fintech: Combination That Has Changed The World

One can say that today’s society, which is highly capitalistic in nature, revolves around two important areas: Finance and Technology. In the increasingly digitalised world of today, no one can escape technology. In a completely capitalistic society, no one can ignore the impact that money has on every aspect of our lives. An astute combination of finance and technology in today’s time can positively equip anyone to excel at life in an urban environment.

Many individuals and industries have over the years realised the powerful impact that the combination of finance and technology can have and have since tried to develop these two things simultaneously and in a way that compliments each other. Whenever these things have been developed alongside, marvellous things have happened such as net banking and continuous efforts are being made around the world to keep this combination or interdisciplinary of fields further developed.

What is FinTech?

In simple words, FinTech is made up of two words: Finance and Technology. Together these two words make FinTech. This stands for an aspirational innovation that aims to use the emerging technologies around the world and merge them with finance. Fin-Tech aims to challenge traditional financial ways and practices in a way that improves and elevates the quality of service. Over the years, FinTech has been used in fields such as banking, risk management, accounts, data mining, and software building.

A new area of study called Fintech Course has emerged that streamlines the aspirations and methodology that surrounds Fintech. Fintech Course is as much based on user experience as much as it is based on innovation. One of the main aims of the FinTech Course is to ease the way of conducting financial activities in a manner that is all-inclusive, easy, and non-intimidating so that more and more people are included in financial practices which will ultimately expand the market.

What are Some of the Examples of FinTech?

Some of the earliest examples of FinTech Course innovation are Net Banking and Mobile Banking. The brilliant combination of finance and internet technology has played smoothly on the phone. Mobile Banking has not only made the banking experience easy and accessible, but it has also led to more people who have opened bank accounts.

Once upon a time, making a simple transaction or something as basic as checking your current bank statement would mean spending hours in bank lines. Still, with net banking, people can check all details related to their finances and make transactions within a few clicks. This has increased the frequency with which people perform baking functions. The ease of doing business has increased with net banking and additionally, the overall consumer awareness levels have also improved, particularly amongst the youth.

Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are other subjects that come under the FinTech Course. Cryptocurrency has in the last 10 years completely revolutionised how banking and global transactions work. Bitcoin ever since its launch in 2009 showed if money is mixed with internet technology then even the completely consolidated world of paper currency can be changed. By providing a legitimate alternative of paper currency through Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the FinTech industry proved that everything is possible with innovation. While cryptocurrencies were once treated as a fad and dismissed by officials, today transactions worth millions are held in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Today digital currencies are an industry in themselves that has prompted governments to treat digital currency seriously. Many nations like Japan, the USA, and Russia are even considering of creating their own state-run cryptocurrency to counter the influence of privately owned digital currencies. These developments represent the world-changing power of FinTech and its many innovations which make the impossible seem possible.


Despite its noble intentions, common people are uncomfortable or intimidated by the notion of FinTech. The reason for this can be the hard language and terminology that surrounds this field. Most people use products and services that are a direct result of FinTech innovation, but they still maintain a distance from the technicalities of it. People and specifically students need to be informed about FinTech so that they join the field in the future. There is no doubt that FinTech has revolutionized the way this world works.

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