Febin George’s journey at Imarticus Learning - From Engineer To Data Analyst!

Data Analytics Course

It is a familiar experience for many of us - we study for one particular field, but then decide to pursue a career in another area of expertise. Febin George is accustomed to such a journey, having graduated as an engineer in 2015, only to then dream of becoming a data analyst one day.

Fortunately for him, he chose to join Imarticus Learning to develop his analytical skills and help him achieve his career in Data Analytics.

Before he had enrolled himself in Imarticus Learning’s Data Analytics course, Febin openly admits that he had little to no prior knowledge of what being a professional data analyst would entail. In essence, he was a blank slate when it came to the complexities of data science.

Now though, that is certainly no longer the case. Thanks to the comprehensive training he received at Imarticus Learning, Febin landed a job placement at M-Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a full-time Data Analyst, something which he did not expect to happen so quickly.

Febin believes that only with the nurturing guidance of the profoundly experienced faculty members involved in Imarticus Learning’s Data Analytics course was he able to come so far in a relatively short period of time. His determination to further his understanding of data science was aided by the hands-on training he received on various modern-day analytical tools, big data concepts, and machine learning practices.

Having gained an intimate knowledge of data analyzing tools such as R, Python, and SAS from ever-helpful Imarticus professors during the Data Analytics course, as well as immensely beneficial industry insights from guest lecturers, Febin was able to rapidly developed his foundational understanding of the subject matter.

Going beyond the exhaustive course material on data analytics alone, Febin was also provided with much-needed soft skill training in order to polish his personality and prepare him to tackle tricky interviews in a distinguished manner. According to him, Imarticus Learning’s career assistance acts as a resume builder and makes a candidate far more appealing to prospective employers.

With the unwavering dedication of the Imarticus staff and the treasure chest of analytical knowledge he received from the Data Analytics course, not to mention his own drive, Febin George finally became the data analyst he dreamt of being. As he puts it, “Going for a data industry-specific interview requires knowledge on current trends, which is where Imarticus Learning really excels. I recommend Imarticus Learning to anyone seriously considering becoming a data analyst or scientist.”

To learn more about Febin George's journey at Imarticus Learning, please click here.

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