Cryptocurrency And Education - What Can We Expect?

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Cryptocurrency And Education - What Can We Expect?

Until 2020, terms like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital trading were limited to industrial and business-specific circles. Today, these have become household terms in the urban sector. Everyone has either heard of, is investing in, or looking to invest in cryptocurrency. What is a cryptocurrency really, and what does blockchain technology have to do with it?

And are there opportunities to gain expertise in the field through dedicated certification programs or financial technology courses? The short answer is yes. There are Cryptocurrency Courses, and you can find them on our Fintech Certification Programs!

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used for trade finance and purchasing of goods and services.  It is an encrypted currency. It ensures high security regarding the probability of fraud and scams. This is further ensured by the cryptocurrency being embedded in blockchain technology. This technology is a decentralized, digital, and permanent ledger that records all transactions transparent and accountable.

Read on to know how Cryptocurrency and Financial technology courses are all the buzz in today’s world and how the Fintech Certification Programs can help you get on the right track with these! 

Blockchain Technology in the Education Sector:

When blockchain technology took the market and industrial world by storm in the last two years, one should have known that the education sector would not be exempt from its impact. The education sector was one of the fastest to digitize its work during the pandemic. Entire courses were moved online. They relied on digital technology to make the process seamless, efficient, and effective.

Owing to the transparency and accountability of blockchain technology, there is considerable potential for its use in education.

  1. Student Records: Organising academic transcripts is a very time-consuming and resource-intensive task. This can be made accessible. Entries can be safely entered and information retrieved in a few clicks with high accuracy.
  2. Certificates and Diplomas: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been using digital blockchain to store their student’s certificates since 2017! Essential documents can be stored securely and in an organized manner here. More and more institutions will follow this lead. This reduces paper-based diplomas, which are at risk of being lost, damaged, or forged. Links to the digital diploma can be submitted to employers in minutes, as opposed to postal or in-person submissions!
  3. Document Storage: The education sector thrives on documentation of all aspects-curriculum, course work, lesson plans, evaluation papers, certificates, and more. This technology offers a hassle-free, permanent and secure medium to ensure organized storage of all relevant documents. They can be retrieved instantly.
  4. Communication: Schools and education institutions can publish notices, calendars, and announcements on the blockchain. Further, class recordings, presentations, and other media could be stored and shared on the decentralized platform. The students and teachers can access this. There are already decentralized social networks that reward the creators of cryptocurrencies. Educational institutions, where content creation is at the core, can benefit greatly. 
  5. Evaluation: Course instructors could create a list of tasks to be completed to certify a course as completed. This can be created as a smart contract using blockchains. Every task that the student completes or submits can be tracked and verified by the smart contract. This saves hours for the instructor. Credits could also be awarded based on this contract.
  6. Lower Costs: Many of the tasks that require large amounts of time and are labour-intensive can be resolved by adapting to blockchain technology. This, in turn, could mean students are not deep in debt at the end of their education.

Need for Expertise in Knowledge and Workings of Blockchain:

For all of these applications to become effective in the education sector, there is an excellent need for those who are being called cryptocurrency engineers and blockchain technology experts. We have come a long way from bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency to how this technology is revolutionizing the market at large today. 

Suppose you are looking to up-skill your knowledge and understanding, explore questions about what is blockchain technology, how do you want to be involved with cryptocurrency, transactions on the blockchain, the future of the blockchain, cryptocurrency today, the blockchain ecosystem, and the real-world applications of the technology, Fintech Courses, and Certificate programs are definitely for you! Learn today, be an expert and be a part of the storm that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is!

Fintech Certificate Programs and Financial Technology Courses are designed with a unique pedagogy to empower the learner with hands-on training from industrial and technology experts. Learn more using the chat support, or meet us at our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon. 

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