4 key differences between AI courses and robotics

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4 key differences between AI courses and robotics

Artificial Intelligence and robotics are branches of science that people often get confused with. People think that they are related to each other, that one is a branch of the other. The fact is, though they serve some similar purposes of automation of some systems, they are entirely different.

Those who want to pursue a career in either of these must understand this difference. One should not enrol for an AI certification thinking that it deals with making robots. Let's find out what are the main differences between AI and robotics. 

Artificial Intelligence vs Robotics

An artificially intelligent robot is what is making the public confused about the relationship between AI and robotics. The main differences between them are mentioned here.

  1. Robotics is a branch of engineering while Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science.
  2. Robotics creates robots that have a physical form, while AI creates smart machines that can solve problems for humans or make their tasks simpler.
  3.  Robots are programmed to do different tasks which enables them to be autonomous or semi-autonomous. They cannot make changes on their own. On the other hand, algorithms can make modifications based on the input they get, using machine learning or similar tools.
  4. Artificial intelligence is widely used in the daily lives of the public while robots are used in selected areas, which is very low at the moment. 

At the same time, it should be noted that not all robots that we know about have a physical form. The term ‘bots’ refers to robots but the one that most of us see in our day-to-day lives refers to the chatbots, search engine bots, etc are software and are only part of the digital world so they may not be called real robots. 

Where do AI and Robotics meet?

AI and robotics meet where Artificial Intelligence is used in the programming of the robots to make them intelligent. They are known as intelligent robots where the robots make the physical part and the AI forms its ‘brain’. Such robots can move, pick up things, and can also keep them at their specific places.

What helps the robot here are AI algorithms and a camera that helps determine the usual places. AI here almost works as a ‘sixth sense’ where the robot can be sensitized to use its various ‘senses’. 

Future of AI in robotics

AI and robotics are here to stay for a long time. This combination could perform several tasks very well, regardless of how complex they seem to be. People could own a robot and even be able to train them to do customized jobs for them. Intelligent robots could be useful in various industries such as delivery systems, agriculture, etc. 

One can find several AI and Robotics courses. Those who want to pursue that career could start with the Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning course that introduces them to all the latest technologies and tools in this field. The AIML course at Imarticus is conducted by the IIT Guwahati. Participants for this course will be getting lectures directly from the academic professors as well as from the experts in the industry.  


One of the cons of the future of AI and robotics is the lack of enough creativity to practically use them. To counter this, we need more interested people in the AI industry. The primary step towards this should be the Artificial Intelligence certification, both entry-level and intermediate. At Imarticus, one can find one of the finest courses that will provide expertise, experience, and proper guidance. Enroll now!

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