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As businesses and organisations become more digitally dependent, the chances of their data getting breached also increase. Therefore, job roles like information security professionals, such as ethical hackers, are growing in demand. 

But what exactly is ethical hacking?

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the authorised, lawful attempt to gain unauthorised access to a computer or system. It is done to identify the safety loopholes in a system and fix them so that they can be protected from the attack of actual malicious, unethical hackers. 

Considering how black hat hackers are now leveraging sophisticated methods to increase cyber threats, more and more people are choosing cyber security as their career to strengthen protection against cyber attacks. 

Future Scope Of Ethical Hacking

With over 2,200 cyber-attacks taking place every 39 seconds, the demand for ethical hackers is predicted to grow in the upcoming years. As long as there is a possibility of cyber-attacks and data breaches, ethical hackers will be in demand. And looking at how we are integrating technology into our daily lives and exposing our information to the internet, ethical hackers will be needed to create a better and more secure digital ecosystem. 

However, most educational institutions haven't yet added the subject to their regular teaching curriculum, which leads to the only option for learning, that is, taking separate certification courses. 

If you want a concrete ethical hacking career, here are some certifications that you must consider obtaining. 

Top 6 Certification/ Courses To Become An Ethical Hacker 

Without proven knowledge of ethical hacking, it is difficult to get jobs in the field. Therefore, here are some certifications you can take to become a certified ethical hacker

  1. Advanced Cyber Security Certification Program From IIT Roorkee

cybersecurity courses

IITs are one of the most prestigious institutes in India that teach engineering and technology-oriented subjects. The Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security by Imarticus, in partnership with CEC, IIT Roorkee, will equip you with the most in-demand security tool skills. 

The program entails practical sessions on solving real-world problems such as unethical hacking, cloud security, application security, and network security. With this course, you get live training by IIT faculty, campus immersion at IIT Roorkee, and certification from IIT that is highly valued not only in India but throughout the world. 

  1. Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) by the SANS Institute 

GIAC offers a range of vendor-neutral certifications that emphasise hands-on learning. The program is conducted online and also supports the cybersecurity industry by sponsoring white hat hacking research papers.

The GPEN certification is recommended for professional security testers who have a minimum of two years of experience in the field. It serves as a valuable credential for individuals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in penetration testing and advance their careers in the cybersecurity industry.

  1. Offensive Security Certification 

The OSCP certification is specifically designed for technical professionals who aim to demonstrate a practical understanding of the penetration testing process and lifecycle.

Before considering the OSCP certification, it is important to have a strong technical foundation in networking protocols, software development, and systems internals, particularly in Kali Linux, an open-source project maintained by Offensive Security.

The OSCP certification is widely regarded as the most challenging ethical hacking certification due to its intense hands-on nature, which is also the reason why it is so valued. 

  1. CompTIA PenTest+

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification is designed for ethical hackers who want to test network security and operating systems for vulnerabilities. This certification focuses on the job-related function of penetration testing, which involves thinking and acting like a malicious hacker to identify system weaknesses.

This is best if you already have a basic understanding of ethical hacking but want to master a certain area. Through this certification, you will learn about assessing and testing web applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operating systems, networks, firewalls, web servers, applications, and wireless communications. 

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification

The CEH certification, administered by the EC-Council, is widely recognised in the industry. It aims to develop the mindset of an ethical hacker and enhance skills in penetration testing, attack methodologies, and detection and prevention of security threats. 

While many job listings for ethical hackers specifically mention the CEH certification as a requirement, it may not always be the optimal choice. One common criticism of the CEH certification is that the emphasis on lecture-based training often falls short of providing a sufficient amount of hands-on experience in hacking courses.

  1. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) Certification

This certification focuses on cyber security investigation and provides advanced techniques for detecting hacking activities that may go unnoticed by typical hackers. 

The CHFI certification, also known as the "detective of the cyber world," is an ideal choice for those interested in a career in digital forensics or forensic analysis. It is specifically designed for IT professionals seeking jobs in investigating cybercrime.


With an increasing number of data breaches and the losses associated with them, the need for certified ethical hackers is growing exponentially. Thus, there is no shortage of opportunities for high-paying jobs. 

So, without wasting more time, take up the certification course in cybersecurity of your choice and start your ethical hacking journey today!

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