Can a diploma in investment banking get you your dream job?

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In these times, an investment banking course with placement is a golden cow you need to milk. Investment banking is the most preferred job for people passing out of IIMs. If you want to know the statistics of job openings, a top banking firm in Mumbai has around 2000-3000 front desk jobs for investment bankers. 

Not only that, JP Morgan, one of the premier banking firms in the world, receives around 50000 applications for 400 internship openings. The salaries are pretty good too. The biggest benefit of this job is that you could rise through the ranks to the top of the hierarchy within a decade. No wonder this is one of the best jobs you could ever dream of.

Career as an investment banker

Investment bankers are one of the most important professionals in the banking industry. They provide financial consultancy services to both high net worth individuals (HNWI) and organisations. Your primary responsibility as an investment banker is to raise capital for the individual/organisation after assessing their financial position in the market. This assessment serves two important purposes. Let us know more about it.

When working for an investment bank, you will have to report on the various opportunities available in the market. One of the core responsibilities of an investment banker is to tell his/her client what to buy or where to invest. You will have to make several reports regarding the performance of this specific investment opportunity. This is what the buying side of investment banking is all about.

There is also the selling side of the investment banking role. Say you are working with a company that wishes to sell some of its assets or a product or service in the market. That is also one area where you have to chip in regularly as an investment banker. In this area also, you will have to contact the prospective buyers or clients and convince them to make the purchase.

But still, why should you be interested in the investment banking field?

Investment banking has been becoming big in the last two decades. The nature of the job has become more important and immersive. Earlier, any financial professional could handle this job, be it a CA, CMA, CFA or MBA. But slowly, the top brands and business owners realised that knowledge about finance only wasn’t going to break the ice. Something extra is required to grow to gigantic proportions, especially globally.

To serve the bigger cause, professionals with specialised knowledge were required. Here comes the demand for investment banking courses after graduation. They caught individuals interested in banking at an earlier stage and moulded them as per the requirement of the field. As a result, many high-quality investment bankers were created indigenously, and Indian banks also started growing in their stature in the global market.

Over time, India has become a big and unique force in the global banking system. Not only that, you get many opportunities to develop a high-profile career right from scratch. Who would let go of such an opportunity?

What is the career pathway for becoming an investment banker?

We will be discussing how you can become an investment banker:

First combination: Class 10th + class 12th in non-medical stream + UG in any engineering discipline + diploma in investment banking

In this combination, we shall refer to the students from the non-medical stream. These are those students who would initially be opting for engineering studies. In this stream, you should have strong mathematics knowledge and number-crunching capabilities. You will be trained for your role as an investment banker after you complete your engineering studies. At a later stage, ensure you also get an MBA in investment banking for better prospects. 

Second combination: Class 10th + class 12th in commerce stream + UG/PG in any commerce course (B.Com/BBA/M.Com) + diploma in investment banking

Since you are from the core commerce stream, you will have a fair idea of investment banking. Your syllabus will cover most of the topics of investment banking. After completing your diploma, you can immediately opt for placement.  

But, which investment banking diploma should you opt for? 

Imarticus Learning has this wonderful investment banking course with placement. You can learn from the best faculty in India and get to know about the investment banking field in detail. Also, after completing the course, you can get placed at the top companies in India. 

So yes, a diploma in investment banking can help you get your dream job. What are you waiting for? Enrol now!

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