Ethical hacking in 2023: Certification, Qualification and Courses

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Organisations thrive on the data it possesses. The more sensitive the information is, the more lucrative it gets for the hackers, technically known as red-hat hackers. They get the opportunity of blackmailing the organisation after breaching their systems and may bargain for a higher price tag. In the last retort, they may even sell the hacked data to rival companies at a ransom. Their unscrupulous objective is to use their knowledge and skills to earn money, by evil and criminal means. Nevertheless, present-day organisations have also geared up to be prepared so that they may stop those red-hat hackers from playing with their security. The only possible way to make it happen is to think in the same direction as the thieves do and this brings ethical hacking to the forefront.

It has been already declared by large media houses that India alone will provide many vacancies in the field of cybersecurity by 2025.  Thus, there is no doubt that the year 2023 is going to be an exciting journey for job seekers in the field of ethical hacking. 

Different Career Opportunities in 2023

In India, a cybersecurity course with placement is taught in many great institutes. Depending on the qualification, skill sets and experience, an ethical hacker possesses, the following job vacancies will be available for prospective candidates at different hierarchies:

  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Information Security Officer
  • Incident Response Coordinator
  • Security Awareness Trainer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • Vulnerability Management Specialist
  • Chief Information Security Officer 


A prospective ethical hacker may have the following educational background for a better understanding of the cybersecurity course:

  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Application

Having said that, it may be also noted that candidates from other backgrounds like mathematics, statistics, etc. may also apply for this course if they have a very keen interest in the subject and possess quick grasping skills. 

Basic Skill Sets Required for This Field


It may be noted that ethical hacking is just not like any other normal career opportunity after completing engineering courses in computer science. There are a set of strict rules and regulations that an ethical hacker must adhere to and be in the ambit of the contract agreement which he or she has agreed upon. Any violation or deviation may spell out devastation in your career. As a professional, an ethical hacker must be a master of the current attack methodologies and tools, which the red-hat hackers are most likely to use. The basic skill sets or knowledge, that a prospective ethical hacker must have are:

  1. Linux – This operating system, which includes Kali Linux and Parrot Security System, has been specifically designed for ethical hackers. This system has tools for easy and smooth hacking.
  2. Cryptography or encryption – Data security is an essential duty of all ethical hackers. Data authentication, integrity, etc. are all taken care of by this process.
  3. Programming Languages – The C program language is the mother of all languages when it comes to using Linux. However, the knowledge of Python and Java Script will also be extremely useful. This will help to eliminate large pieces of server codes very easily.
  4. Exploring vulnerabilities – Finding out system weakness is an ethical hacker’s most important duty and may be achieved by raising the standards of the penetration testing tools. 
  5. Mac Address Randomizers and Proxychains – Knowledge of these two products is absolutely a must for the purpose of remaining anonymous from hackers and monitoring cybercrimes.  
  1. Traversing the dark world – Tor browser helps the ethical hacker to learn the tactics of a red-hat hacker more precisely.
  2. Understanding network fundamentals – Nowadays no organisation uses a single computer, but a series of computers connected in a network. Having good knowledge regarding macros and protocols may help an ethical hacker to find flaws in the existing system. The additional command over networking tools like Wireshark & NMAP will make ethical hackers more competent to handle complex on-field situations.
  3. Join ethical hacker’s forum – A practising or prospective ethical hacker must be in the community group of ethical hackers to be regularly updated regarding what is going on in the market. This will surely help the problem-solving skills. 


After completing the Cybersecurity course, a candidate may take up the certification course to be recognised as a certified ethical hacker. It may be noted in this context that though many smaller organisations may not be asking for the certification to offer a job, all giant multinationals will certainly be demanding the certification from a prospective job seeker in the ethical hacking field. The certification not only showcases the command over the domain but also boosts an element of trust and authenticity in the employer. Higher pay packages are also expected by ethical hackers when they possess the certification.

The IIT cybersecurity course by Imarticus is an online course where the classes are held on Saturday and Sunday. The duration of the course is 6 months. This course will guide you to achieve your dream in this field. 

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