Best resources for learning blockchain development in 2022

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A blockchain is a distributed digital database shared between nodes of computer networks, which enables the storage of information electronically and cannot be altered or deleted in any way. It plays an integral part in cryptocurrency systems, like Bitcoin, to ensure decentralized and most importantly secure transactions. It guarantees the validity, as well as the security of any record of data and, helps build trust without any third party.

Best Resources For Developing Knowledge in Blockchain

With cryptocurrencies and NFTs gaining a lot of attention, the demand for blockchain developers has skyrocketed overnight. The primary goal of a blockchain network is to record and distribute digital information, but not allow it to be edited in any way ensuring exclusive ownership. It is a database that recently came into the limelight but has been used for storing immutable ledgers or transaction records that cannot be changed, destroyed, or deleted.

Blockchain programming training from a Blockchain certification course is a great way to learn how to develop blockchain-based platforms, asset distribution, Supply Chain Management Systems, and other implementations of blockchain technology.   

Here are some reliable resources for learning Blockchain development:

  1. Blockchain Certification For A Professional (CEBP): This is a popular Blockchain certification designed for those who want to learn not just the basics but Blockchain implementation as well. This course will teach you how to do that with actional tools. This is a complete and detailed course on Blockchain and Blockchain networks such as Ethereum as well as the use of Blockchain in the finance industry and other sectors.
  1. Blockchain A-Z: This is one of the best courses you will find out there. Not only does it specialize in teaching Blockchain, but you will also need a good grasp of high school level mathematics, and basic python knowledge, for these courses. It is an exciting course where you can learn the importance of and how to build a blockchain, cryptocurrency transaction theory, blockchain theory, and smart contracts as well where you will learn how to create your own currency. 
  2. Blockchain Specialisation: A Blockchain Specialisation course is all about the Next Frontier in the IT sector where you can learn to understand smart contracts. It will also give you a detailed idea of blockchain that enables autonomy, transparency, automation, and scalability. 
  3. Blockchain Developer Course: It's one of the best complete courses which allows you to run your own code, teaches you basic cryptography to have a good grasp on the meaning and value of blockchain. In this course, you will learn the method to deploy your blockchain network, deploy chain code on it and make applications invoking the chain code running in the fabric network. You will also learn how to handle fabric user identities in your own application with the help of wallets. 
  4. Blockchain Development Course With EOS and C++: This is a very helpful and specialized course where you will learn about EOS blockchain and the ways to design and deploy smart contracts to it. You will additionally learn how to deploy your token to this EOS blockchain, how to airdrop tokens, and set up an IDE with EOS. This course seeks to teach you methods of building applications that are already ready for production with the help of EOS.


With the advent of technology and the demand for blockchain developers in the job market, a career in this field is bound to reward you with a number of promising job prospects and opportunities. Blockchain Training will provide you with the edge to excel in this domain. 

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