Benefits and Career Opportunities with ACCA Course

Career opportunities with ACCA course and its benefits

ACCA is accepted in 180 countries and is known as the global chartered accountant because it provides better career opportunities worldwide. The program prepares professionals for various domains such as accounting, auditing, taxation, management, finance, investment banking, corporate finance, forensic audit, and consulting.

Benefits of the ACCA course

ACCA qualification is considered equivalent to the CA certification of India. The difference between the two is that the CA examination is very difficult to pass. CA certification is mandatory for people who wish to work just with Indian firms. On the other hand, an ACCA qualification is a must to work as a CA across the globe. You can also work in India with ACCA qualifications along with countries like Australia, the UK, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

1. A solid foundation for your Career with ACCA Course  

An ACCA Course is usually for a short-term period. But even in this short period, they have proven to be efficient in educating the learners about accounting and finance. During an ACCA course, you can also learn critical and managerial skills in the industry. Along with this, you also get to learn relevant strategic and technical education which gives a boost to your Career with ACCA Course.

ACCA course enables you to understand and learn a diverse range of knowledge in various relevant topics of business which enhances your chances of a better Career with the ACCA Course.

2. An all-in-one accounting learning with ACCA Course

ACCA course helps you to understand the basics and even the expert topics of managerial operations. This helps you to get ready for real-world situations and also enhances your decision-making ability. The knowledge of managerial operations ensures that you get the boost you want or entry into your desired field of finance and accounting.

3. Globally recognised qualification with ACCA course

An ACCA course is designed to enable a better understanding of a learner in topics like planning, management, and communication skills.

The ACCA course comes with high-level grooming and learning which makes the learner best qualified for any relevant job profile. You get to learn about international audits and standards of accounting of various governmental organisations. You also get to learn about the accounting processes of NGOs, multinational companies, and global banks.

ACCA Certificate

4. Flexibility

An ACCA course comes with flexibility where you can work while you work on boosting your career. You do not need to work on any prior arrangement and can work on the degree in online mode. The best part is that you get to study the model you think benefits you the most.

Career opportunities with ACCA course

In the last few years, job opportunities after the ACCA course have increased tremendously. More and more MNCs and Big 4 companies are popping open, which has created better Careers with an ACCA Course.

Along with this, the ACCA course and its benefits are more known to students and aspiring CAs these days, which has increased the demand for ACCA certification in the industry.

It is predicted that India could become one of the largest markets for ACCA courses. Indian economy is continuously growing and facing rapid globalization. It is because of this that the MNCs and larger international companies enter the Indian market. In the Indian market, they seek professional accountants and finance experts with ACCA course certification.

ACCA-certified professionals can apply for high-profile jobs like:

  • Chartered accountant

  • Financial accountant

  • Management accountant

  • Auditor

  • Finance manager

  • Risk manager

  • Taxation specialist

  • Head of Finance

  • Forensic auditor

  • Head of treasury

  • Chief internal auditor

  • Chief financial officer

Why Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning offers the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK in online mode. This globally recognised ACCA Course offers certification in accounting, audit, and finance awarded by the ACCA body of the UK.

The ACCA curriculum includes topics such as:

A transition to a Career with ACCA Course is easy and beneficial. Additionally, you get additional benefits for joining the ACCA Course:

  • ACCA-approved learning partner

  • International content from Kaplan

  • Pass for sure assurance for exams

  • Internships or placement guarantee

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Dual certification- ACCA+QPA

  • Discount on ACCA board fees

  • ACCA, CA, CPA qualified faculties

  • Additional free ACCA pre-course

  • Practical with live simulation

Your Career with ACCA Course ensures that you become a global CA. you will also be able to work with the top companies worldwide. Also, this ACCA Course is more flexible than the CA India program and also rewarded higher than the ones in CA India.

Our alumni work at:

  • Deloitte

  • Goldman Sachs

  • KPMG

  • Pwc

  • EY

  • RBS

  • UBS

  • Morgan Stanley

  • J.P Morgan

  • Genpact

  • CitiBank

  • BNP Paribas

  • Bank of America

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