Are Banks Doing It Wrong? What Do Investment Banking Clients Want

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IB clients are dissatisfied with the services they receive from their banks. In a recent survey, 75% of respondents said that they were not satisfied with the service provided by their bank. The top three reasons for dissatisfaction included products:

  • Poor customer service.
  • Lack of attention to client needs.
  • An inability to provide solutions beyond traditional.

This blog post will examine what customers want and how banks can better serve them.

Banks Can Improve Service by Meeting Unmet Needs

According to the survey, 73% of respondents stated that their banking firm could not provide them with all the required products and services. Banks need to look at their service model and identify these gaps in products or services that they are not providing.

Banks should then find ways to provide the missing pieces, even bringing in an outside party. For example, by partnering with a trusted company, banks may offer trusts as part of their entire suite of wealth management products.

Banks Should Streamline Services to Help Clients

The survey also indicates that clients are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get help from their banks. 60% of respondents stated that it takes too long to speak with someone who can provide timely advice or assistance, and 40% said they were dissatisfied because their bank had limited hours for customer service.

Banks need to look at their client services and determine if they can streamline them. For example, by offering extended hours or more self-service options such as mobile apps that allow clients to check account balances and view transaction history, banks can help clients complete tasks with less hassle. By streamlining service, banks can help clients save time and improve the overall customer experience.

Banks Should Streamline Processes to Improve Efficiency

Finally, according to the survey results, it is clear that banks need to improve their technology capabilities to offer better products at competitive prices. 69% of respondents stated that their investment bank did not provide them with advanced technological tools to help them manage their assets.

Banks should look at how they can upgrade and streamline their technology. Technology has improved dramatically over the past decade. Banks can take advantage of these advancements to provide better service for clients who are increasingly expecting banks to invest in technology that will allow them to work faster and more efficiently.

To better serve their clients, firms must meet client demands by providing more products and services while streamlining client service to help them save time. Firms should examine how they can upgrade their technology to make their services even more efficient. By doing this, banks will be able to improve the overall client experience and retain existing clients.

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