A deep learning certification can take you places in 2022

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A deep learning certification can take you places in 2022

You'd be surprised how a self-driving car can make sense of the data. It can identify people on the road, traffic signals, road dividers, etc. The intelligence behind this is a well-known learning method. That is "learning by example".

In humans, the brain is constantly observing and learning. Learning generates responses to stimuli and observations through neural pathways. It involves millions of cells to help our brain work. Deep Learning uses the same logic. It engages artificial neural networks for machines to predict tangible outcomes. DL can process features from information fetched from 150 layers. It enables a device to learn things by example or data. This helps it to review its performance itself.

Importance of deep learning

Organisations need advanced data processing to stay ahead in the digital age. DL justifies its existence in the market by outperforming manual work.

Companies investing in DL are looking to solve complex problems. This helps with the collection of large data sets. DL powers tasks that require voice and image detection from a large volume of data. Standard DL techniques include face recognition, object recognition, assistance, voice-to-speech applications, and translation.

Companies globally are adopting ML. This trend will continue to rise in the coming years. According to GlobeNewswire, the ML market is expected to reach $117.9 billion by 2027. The demand for ML experts is also increasing.

Becoming an ML Expert

Not everyone needs to pursue a graduate degree in ML and AI to serve in the data science domain. Many aspirants prefer to pursue a fast-track certification. For example, Deep Learning Certification Course.

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

Those interested in becoming data science professionals start with an ML course. It helps you build a strong foundation for developing AI-based solutions. Many students sign up for various AI Training courses to acquire skills in the data science arena.

You need to select a good course. Ensure that it complies with the current market needs. Technical graduates, especially those who want to shift their career path to the latest trends in data science, can choose certification courses to align with others on the job.

One such course is the certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning program conducted by E & ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, sponsored by Imarticus Learning. The course stands out for its industry-recognised curriculum and credible teaching standards. Its cutting-edge delivery method prepares students to take on roles as Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and AI engineers after successful completion.

Certification in AI & ML course advantages

Following are some of the benefits of the Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program by IIT Guwahati:

Live online training for students for nine months on weekends. It helps them connect with peers. Also, they get time for self-study. Working professionals benefit the most from the course. Also, it offers extendable credit points for one year per the NEP 2020.

Online sessions connect faculty and industry veterans and cover robust curriculum topics, over 100 assignments, 25 in-class real-world AI and ML projects, and encourage participation in national hackathons.

Designed by industry experts from E & ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, this course skilfully prepares you to face the professional demands of the industry.

You will learn real-world ML and DL skills through several AI-based business projects, making you the next-gen AI and ML specialist.

A 3-day campus immersion opportunity at the E&ICT Academy, IIT-Guwahati, paves the way to interact with faculty and peers and learn from experts in the field who will validate your learning.

Imarticus Career Services provides placement assistance to students and conducts workshops and mock interviews in addition to CV writing. Additionally, eligible candidates can avail of scholarships based on merit and experience.


This certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning is an excellent course for aspiring data science professionals. It is a fantastic opportunity not only to learn machine learning but also to develop skills in AI. It will equip students with data science concepts, helps them study learning and discriminant models, and master Python programming.

Interested candidates who want more information about Deep Learning Certification Course can contact Imarticus Learning. You can connect by messaging, live chat, or visiting one of our training centres available in major cities in India. Visit our centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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