The union of finance and technology and why it matters

The union of finance and technology and why it matters

Fintech is an evolving discipline that has proven to be very effective in business transactions nowadays. The union of finance and technology diffused in one single platform has been beneficial to the people which has made lives in the corporate sector easier. If you are looking for a fintech program online, you can check out the website and learn about it in detail. Keep reading to know the discipline of what Fintech is and its opportunities. 

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FinTech is abbreviated to "Financial Technology" which stands for improving financial services with the incorporation of technology. This is a very common thing used by business organizations for efficiency because of its constant transformation and dynamics. Examples of FinTech are digital lending and credits, mobile banking, blockchain technology, etc.

It is a very popular evolving discipline and several universities are employing this method for teaching the learners to have better career opportunities. If you are looking for a proper fintech program online, SP Jain Fintech is providing a lucrative certificate course to upgrade your knowledge in this discipline. Keep reading to know about its job opportunities, eligibility, and other important knowledge you need to pursue this. 

SP Jain FinTech Certification Course 

Fintech is an evolving discipline which has been a staple nowadays in multinational business organisations. It helps in digitalising the assets of the company and making it much more efficient to operate. This is however an evolving discipline which is dynamic and changing from time to time, but it is going to benefit us in several ways. SP Jain is now providing a certified course in the evolving discipline of Fintech which is going to benefit several aspirants in this field. The course is embodied into a professional course, which makes it much easier for learners to pursue a career in Fintech. Learn about the important disciplines of this course, the job opportunities and also the prominent faculty who are going to guide you to greatness 


There are no specific eligibility criteria for pursuing this course. It would be however recommended to have a graduate degree in finance and marketing. If you have a graduate degree in information technology as well, this course will be beneficial for you too. A minimum graduate degree is a requirement for pursuing this professional certified course. 

Job Opportunities 

If you possess the right skill for fintech, this job is absolutely in demand for you. Job opportunities in Fintech are lucrative right now. The average salary of a financial analyst in Fintech is about $63,195 a year on an average. The job is really in huge demand right now and with its growing nature, the opportunities in this job will also increase rapidly. 


With the evolving discipline of online certification courses, Fintech online programs are not left behind. The faculties who are involved in the SP Jain Fintech program are chosen from top companies from PWC, Rise Mumbai, Automation Everywhere and other important multinational companies that have adopted the concept of financial technology. The research knowledge that has been provided by these faculties is watertight and gives the learners more practical knowledge to know properly about this discipline. 


Financial technology is an evolving program and is a lucrative job sector for people who have a piece of good knowledge of blockchain technology. One of the budding companies which have made their mark in the fintech industries is Personal Capital, Lending Club and Wealthfront which have inspired several youngsters to try their luck in this industry. You can check out Imarticus’s website for the SP Jain FinTech Professional Certificate Course and download their brochures for understanding the discipline vividly. The learners will have the keep opportunity to become a part of the fintech networking events, webinars and other events which help you further your knowledge. 

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