Computer Vision Is Interesting. Here’s Why You Should Learn It

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Computer Vision Is Interesting. Here’s Why You Should Learn It

You may not have heard of computer vision, but it's a big deal. It's one of the most exciting things happening in tech right now. Soon enough, computers will be able to recognize what you're looking at — whether that's an object or a person — and then perform actions on your behalf. 

This could mean something as simple as automatically turning on lights when you enter a room or interacting with your smartphone via voice commands instead of typing text messages. But this technology isn't limited to just action-oriented applications: It has real-world uses for improving everything from autonomous cars to home security systems.

Computer vision is everywhere — and it's about to invade our lives significantly.

A subfield of AI (artificial intelligence) called machine learning includes computer vision. In machine learning and computer vision, helpful information from digital images or videos is automatically extracted, analyzed, and understood.

You can use Computer vision in industries like agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. It's also an essential technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), where it helps them identify people or objects in their surroundings.

Computer vision differs from other AI techniques because it focuses on understanding content rather than just identifying objects in an image. For example, if you take an image with two boxes and ask your computer what they are, it won't be able to tell you; but if instead, you request it, "what color do these boxes have?" or "how many features can we use on this image," then suddenly our computers become much more capable at finding helpful information!

How does machine learning work with computer vision?

Machine learning and computer vision are two sides of the same coin. Machine learning is the process of training a computer to do a task, while computer vision is the procedure of teaching a computer to see.

So how do they work together? Let's say you want your robot to recognize objects in its environment and interact with them somehow—like pick up a toy or open an electrical outlet cover (or whatever). For this to happen, you need a machine learning and computer vision at play; otherwise, it would be like teaching your cat how to play fetch without letting him try out his skills first!

What are some real-world uses for computer vision?

Here are some real-world examples of how computer vision can help you:

  • Self-Driving Cars: If you're wondering what your car will do next or how to get home safely after a night out with friends, computer vision can be of great use.
  • X-ray examination: Even though most clinicians still use manual X-ray picture processing to diagnose and treat illnesses, computer vision can automate the process, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare sector has evolved thanks to computer vision, significantly one of the complete databases for medical imaging information. 

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