A Day In The Life Of A Data Scientist!

Data Scientist

The data science field holds immense career potential, yet you must be thinking, what actually do data scientists do the entire day?

To provide you deep insights into data scientists’ usual tasks so you can imagine yourself in that role and decide if the time is ripe to get trained for it, we have gathered some insights for you.

No Such Typical Day

If you ask somebody working as a data scientist about their typical working day, he/she may burst into laughter after listening “typical”. For those who are adaptable and flexible, and love to do various responsibilities, then a typical day of data scientists should fit them just fine. While these workdays are subject to changes, some essence of the day stays as it is – working with people, working with data, and working to stay abreast of the field.

Data is Everywhere

Given the job role, it is no surprise that data scientists’ regular tasks hover around data. A major portion of their time is consumed in collecting data, analyzing data, processing data, yet in several ways and for several reasons. Data-centric responsibilities that data scientists may come across include:

  • Pulling, merging and assessing data
  • Searching for trends or patterns
  • Leveraging numerous tools such as Hadoop, R, MATLAB, Hive, PySpark, Python, Excel, and/or SQL
  • Developing predictive models
  • Striving to streamline data issues
  • Developing and testing new algorithms
  • Creating data visualizations
  • Gathering proofs of concepts
  • Noting down outcomes to share with colleagues

Interacting With a Broad Range of Shareholders

This may appear as if it has a minor role in data scientists’ day, yet the otherwise is true as eventually, your job is to ward off issues, not create models.

It is paramount to remember that even though data scientists are playing with data and figures, the reason for this is fueled by a business requirement. Having the ability to view the larger picture from a department’s perspective is vital. So is being able to comprehend the tactic behind the requirement, and to assist people comprehend the consequences of their decisions.

Data scientists dedicate their time in meetings and replying to emails, just like most people do in the corporate sphere. Yet, communication skills may carry greater importance for data scientists. While attending those meetings and responding to those emails, as a data scientist, you should be able to elucidate the science behind the data in layman terms, as well as able to comprehend their issues as they view them, not from data scientists’ viewpoint.

Staying Updated with Changes

Both, working with data as well as with others will account for a notable portion of the day if you decide to pursue a career in the field of data science. The remaining of your day will be captured staying updated with the data science industry. New insights arrive on a daily basis as other data scientists craft a solution to fix an issue, and then extend their new finding.

Data scientists, thus, normally dedicate a portion of the day going through industry-centric articles, newsletters, blogs, and discussion boards. They may attend conferences or connect online with various data scientists. Moreover, occasionally, they may be the ones to extend new insights.

As data scientists, you do not wish to waste time starting from scratch. If anyone else has a better solution to fix an issue, you would like to know. Staying updated with changes is the sole way you will have the ability to do that.

Now the question arises, how to become a data scientist? Well, the good news is you do not have to worry much about it. There are loads of resources available at your doorstep in the form of online courses and e-books. So, if you want to pursue a career as a data scientist, grab these resources and get yourselves enlightened.

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