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Nowadays, digital technologies are transforming practically everything you do. Take the example of your smartphone. With a single touch, you can control almost every aspect of your life. Everything is at your fingertips, from buying clothes to food items and hiring a taxi to book travel tickets. The term "digital marketing" is described as a marketing strategy that predominantly uses the internet to communicate with the target audience through different digital media channels and platforms.

In recent years, the digital marketing scene globally has reached USD 353 billion in 2020, and at a CAGR of 17.6%, it will reach USD 930 by 2026. Now, India being one of the top internet users, this sector is set to thrive in the coming years. So, if you complete the digital marketing certification course, you are set to have a great career in a growing sector.

Importance and scope of digital marketing

The appearance of businesses on Google through SEO and PPC makes it possible for them to engage with the right customers. This boosts their brand's trust and visibility. Moreover, social media platforms and email marketing also play an important role in widening the company's reach.

Along with that, the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have significant potential when it comes to finding the right customers. A well-strategized social media campaign can boost your company's reach and position in the market alongside the revenue.

Research by Burning Glass Technologies reveals that 4 out of 10 professions now demand digital marketing expertise. Thus, you will never waste time if you pick digital marketing as a career. Companies, established as well as new start-ups, are paying big salaries to digital marketers as there is a greater demand than supply for them.

Digital marketing courses with placements

 As said earlier, digital marketers have a great demand. So, if you are planning a career in digital marketing, it is necessary for you to have a bit-by-bit knowledge of the field. The easiest way to study the entire basic to intermediate level of digital marketing is through a digital marketing certification course.

Now, there are several digital marketing institutes that provide certificate or diploma programs in this field. Some of them also provide advantages like networking and job placement aids. A PG course from Imarticus not only gives you the best ever knowledge in digital marketing but also assures a 100% job assurance. What more do you require for your future to be bright and successful?

 Digital marketing online training is very popular among the space of digital marketers as:

  • People learn in-depth information about any topic they choose while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes.
  • People from a variety of fields have the opportunity to take basic, advanced, certification, diploma, and masters-level courses online.
  • Many online universities provide free digital marketing courses to improve your knowledge and abilities for a more lucrative job.

What will you learn from a digital marketing course with placement?

A digital marketing course will teach both fundamentals and advanced elements of digital marketing. Together with your ability to use judgement, awareness, and perception in combination with these courses will help you develop efficient digital strategy and planning.

When studied carefully, the course can enhance your creativity and flair for developing digital advertising in addition to providing enough cerebral stimulation. Moreover, you can gain knowledge on the foundations of successful online marketing. Besides, developing your web presence and doing market research and adaptation are helpful as changes regularly occur in the field and industry of digital marketing.

Along with the daily lectures, the digital marketing certification course also provides you with videos, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, reading materials, and e-books, so as to make your learning easy.

Eligibility for a digital marketing course

Students must be graduates in order to be eligible for a digital marketing course. You will require to be a graduate with two years of professional experience for a PGD course at Imarticus.

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is any sort of online marketing that makes use of online platforms. So, why don't you opt for an online course for digital marketing too? The postgraduate course in digital marketing from Imarticus Learning provides skill-oriented training.   

With this digital marketing course with placement, you can become an online marketer with great and unique learning resources. You will learn first-hand and in-depth about digital marketing, including search, performance, social, content, analytics, email, ORM, and even media purchasing and planning.

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