Automatically Summarise Your Emails with Natural Language Processing

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Automatically Summarise Your Emails with Natural Language Processing

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, several new technologies are coming to the fore. Out of these new applications, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most popular parts of AI and ML technology. It is the new buzzword, and many companies are investing in its implementation.

But what is NLP? It is a process that helps break down human language and meaningfully interpret it. It forms the core of many software applications you use daily. It is making a real difference in summarising emails. But, it has far greater usage, and you can learn all about it here.

Translation software, grammar correction software, chatbots, spam filters, voice assistants and search engines, every software app mentioned here uses NLP to understand the text better. It is also used for several data analyst training apps.  

How does NLP work?

NLP works by following a simple process, which consists of two basic steps. The first step is the training that comprises text vectorisation. In this process, the text or voice is converted into a form that the machine can understand. This is carried out with the help of various NLP tools. After that, ML training algorithms are fed this data to train as per requirement and generate output data or tags. The machines build the statistical models to train their knowledge bank. All text features are extracted and fed into the ML algorithm.

Then this data is fed into the next stage after the training stage. It is called the prediction stage, where the text is then processed in the classifier model. The data from the text is segregated, and then the output is extracted.

What can natural language processing help you in doing?

From all the above apps, you have a clear idea of what NLP can help us do. But NLP is not limited to that only. It can help us to do a lot of other things as well. It combines the power of computer science and linguistics for performing various technology-related actions. If you have been using Cortana, Siri or Alexa, then you might clearly understand what text-based technology can do. After using the voice input, it can convert it into text and then use it for:

  • Transcription
  • Translating one language to another language
  • Training ML models for another task

Other secondary and tertiary tasks can be done with natural language processing. NLP is taught as a part of the analytics and machine learning course. In today’s market, it is in demand and generating employment rapidly. Software developers and data analysts who understand AI and ML can make full use of knowing NLP. You can earn a lot by simply using your NLP skills in the market.

How can you automatically summarise your emails with the help of NLP? 

Email filtering and email summarisation can be easily performed with the help of NLP. The text is extracted, and then a piece of summarising content or snippet is searched. If that is not present, automatic paraphrasing is done, and new sentences are introduced, which can automatically summarise the email. This technique is also helpful and used in data entry of e-commerce websites, and the descriptions are summarised on the main display page of the website.

Another use of natural language processing is a shocking and simple one. It is not worth missing because it is so basic yet advantageous. It is your email inbox. Have you seen the spam folder containing all promotional emails and useless messages? Email services can filter out spam messages by using NLP to filter them out.

Are there any other advantages of NLP?

Yes, due to the advent in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, NLP can be used in the following:

  • Performing large-scale analysis

NLP helps to resolve issues of news reports by analysing fake news. It can also help handle customer tickets by prioritising the important ones over the less important ones. It also helps filter and match social media comments to specific profiles and block out profane ones.

  • Automate the real-time processes

NLP is vital in building automated tools with little or no human supervision or interaction. It can perform these actions all around the clock without stopping at any time. It has been used rampantly in all the fields involving virtual avatars, in the content industry and in movies.

  • Customising voice and text-enabled software

You can tailor AI software by customising natural language processing to suit your needs. These can be used to produce and filter human-like emotions from the given datasets.

With NLP and creativity, you can do anything you want. All you need to do is find how NLP can aid you in simplifying and automating various processes.

To sum up, NLP is helping to streamline different processes and summarising emails is one of the main areas. Now, if you are intrigued by the whole technology and how it is making a difference, you can learn more about it by enrolling in data analytics and machine learning courses offered by Imarticus Learning. You can check out the PG program in ML and AI that covers the fundamentals of the field and prepare you for the professional life ahead. 

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