4 Best Books for Those Interested In Mergers and Acquisitions

While it is no secret that Investment Banking has forever been, one of the most alluring fields, especially with the sophistication and grace that stock exchange and the Wall Street have both gathered, in the recent few years. This is the reason why you’d find almost everyone quoting some of the other famous investment related movie. Investment banking as a field branches out to various sub fields, which include corporate finance, wealth management and  to name a few. Of these, mergers and acquisitions have gone on to become one of the most sought-after fields, in terms of career choices. A lot of M&A aspirants are more often than not, on the lookout for getting thoroughly trained so as to master this amazing field. This is why a lot of candidates. Imarticus Learning, which offers excellent industry endorsed, specialization programs on subjects like Corporate Finance, M&A and so on.

While getting professionally trained is extremely important, when it comes to pursuing a career in M&A, it is equally important supplement your knowledge with the help of books. Here’s a list of some of the best books about M&A, which would serve novices as well as professionals, very perfectly.

1. Mergers and Acquisition for Dummies, Bill Snow

This book is like the complete guide of basics, about everything that you must know about the field of Mergers and Acquisition. The contents are such that they have resulted in easing the process of understanding of concepts of M&A for everyone. The writing, which takes on a very lucid manner, makes this book an indispensable guide for a beginner.

2. Mergers And Acquisitions From A To Z, Andrew J. Sherman

This makes the perfect book for anyone, who is looking to start up their own venture, or for any student looking to do some in-depth analysis. This book is the detailed answer to all questions like, whether to buy or to sell, when to buy or sell, how to value an asset or a firm. It basically gives the reader, almost every information possible about the entire process of M&A.

3. The Art Of M&A; Fourth Edition, Stanley Foster Reed, Alexandra Lajoux & H.Peter Nesvold

This book is good enough to be treated as a holy grail when it comes to M&A. This comprehensive book focuses on a number of topics like the process of finding a deal, valuation, finance, merger integration and so on. It not only talks about mergers and acquisitions in detail, but it also talks legal considerations, that one needs to abide by here.

4. Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructurings (Wiley Corporate F&A), Patrick A. Gaughan

This book is famous for discussing all the recent corporate restructuring case studies, at length, which definitely is the best take away from it. It is more like a narrative on the evolution of M&A, over the years, as well as about the various strategies, that are used by companies to boost their financial growth.

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