How Are Investment Banks Able To Contribute To The Economy

Investment banks are generally very popular for two very broad roles. Firstly, they are supposed to carry forward the roles required for the smooth functioning, of the financial markets and secondly, they are the sole conductors of trading. Investment banks perform the most critical functions as they cater to the present and future, financial consumption needs across various corporations and firms. As a seasoned finance aspirant, with a minimal experience, would know, these banks differ greatly from commercial banks. The primary goal of commercial banks is service to private individuals, while on the other hand, the investment banks primarily serve various governmental and private organizations.
Today, almost all the economies, are mixed economies on a certain level and as a result of this, depend predominantly on investment banks, so as to raise their funds. One of the major contribution of any investment bank to the economy is, what is known as ‘adding liquidity to the market’, this is basically done by matching potential investors with the potential sellers of stocks. Basically, it is these banks which are supposed to perform as the epicenter, of all functions especially when it comes to the advancement of a company, in financial terms. Those investment bankers, who facilitate in bringing about similar changes, are then given the status of being intermediaries or middlemen, in the more lay man context. The path breaking difference that these banks make, is that they are able to perfectly match those ready to provide investments, with those in search of investments. This then contributes to the growth of businesses and in turn boosts the progress of the economy.

Another way that these banks contribute to the expansion of an economy, is through estimating the current market rates. This is accomplished by collaborations with the commercial banks, earlier these two banks were supposed to be independent of each other. Today, the scenario has drastically changed with commercial banks and investment banks, carry on their functions under the same roof. It is important to be noted, that it was only the country of USA, which had successfully and legally separated the functions of the two banks once.
Today, although the functions of both these banks are technically independent of each other, but it is an established fact, that these interest rates, would definitely influence each other. The field of corporate finance has always had a certain allure for anyone, who has ever belonged to the world of finance. With those influencing stock exchanges, sophistication of all the top banks, as well as all the handsome rewards, that are offered to almost everyone in this field. These and many others are reasons as to why, sterling careers in the field of corporate finance are practically sought after by almost everyone, belonging to the same background. But at the same time, as the competition is high, it requires for an individual to have an edge over their contemporaries. This is why there has been quite a lot of demand for certification programs like diploma in corporate finance or specialization in investment banking and its other branches provided by Imarticus Learning - Professional Investment banking and finance training institute.

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