15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science

15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science

Data Science is growing at a rapid pace and businesses have been dynamically benefitting from this. A lot of Data Science Courses are available at the Imarticus Learning Data Science Training Center. No doubt, the insights and knowledge of data science have helped business emerge a winner with better knowledge and insights available at their fingertips. Have a look at these 15 important blog resources with the highest number of followers if you are willing to understand and learn data science. These blogs have rich data science resources and won’t let you miss you anything in the world of data science.

  1. Reddit – It's an American social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website for everyone who loves to share content and satisfy their curiosity. The registered members at Reddit can submit content such as text posts or direct links and get opinions on the same. It's a hugely popular website where everyone can participate because it's simple and easy.

FrequencyAbout 84 posts per week

Facebook Fans: 1,108,745

Twitter Followers: 511K

2. Google News – Comprehensive and most dynamic up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from all over the world by google news. It’s a popular medium throughout the world since Google has become a most reliable name everywhere. It’s a reliable source of Data Science information where everything related to it will be at your fingertips.

FrequencyAbout 21 posts per week

Facebook Fans: n/a

Twitter Followers: 214K

3. Data Science Central – Now this is a platform where every kind of information is available in one place. It wouldn't be wrong if we say that it's the industry's online resource for big data practitioners. And it's damn popular among the practitioners. From analytics to data integration to visualisation, data science centre provides a community experience.

FrequencyAbout 24 posts per week

Facebook Fans: 1,013

Twitter Followers: 100K

4. KDnuggets I Data Science, Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Mining – Now, if you are looking for the most interesting and updated blogs on day to day evolution of the Big Data, then this is the place to be. Here, one can find the most interesting stuff on analytics, big data, data science, data mining and machine learning, not necessarily in that order.

FrequencyAbout 34 posts per week

Facebook Fans: 21,860

Twitter Followers: 96K

  • Kaggle I Data Science News – No Free Hunch – A competitive platform where companies and researchers post data while statisticians and data miners compete with each other to produce the best models for predicting and describing the data. It's a popular platform where professionals compete with each other to come up with the best ideas that they have.

FrequencyAbout one post per month

Facebook Fans: 35,137

Twitter Followers: 89.1K

    • Revolution Analytics – An exclusive blog dedicated to the news and information of interest to the members of the community, who are deeply interested in analytics and relation disciplines. The blog is updated every US workday, with contributions from various authors.

FrequencyAbout six posts per week

Facebook Fans: n/a

Twitter Followers: 25.9K

  •  Data Science for Social Good – This social good data science does the work of training data scientists to handle the problems that matter. It effectively trains the data scientists to work on data mining, machine learning and big data.

FrequencyAbout one post per month

Facebook Fans: n/a

Twitter Followers: 20.5K

  • Data Camp – You can learn to be a data scientist from the comfort of your home through your browser with Data Camp’s data science blog. It's a comfortable way where total information is available in one place, and you can pick up the topics that you want to master.

FrequencyAbout seven post per month

Facebook Fans: 340,109

Twitter Followers: 16.2K

9. Codementor – This blog tells you about the latest trends in data science. Here you can read tutorials, posts and insights from top data science experts and developers. This will eventually help you gain knowledge from experienced experts.

Frequency -About one post per month

Facebook Fans: 12,587

Twitter Followers: 22,1K

10. Dataversity – Data Science News, Articles & Education – Here, learn about the latest business intelligence news and get a thorough business intelligence education. This blog is focused more on the business side and understanding it is necessary from the business point of view.

Frequency - About one post per week

Facebook Fans: 6,312

Twitter Followers: 17.4K

11. Data science @ Berkeley I Online Learning Blog – If you are interested in an online course called professional Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) from UC Berkeley School of Information.

Frequency — About one post per month

Facebook Fans: 14,804

Twitter Followers: 10.2K

12. Data Plus Science – This blog helps people find real answers in data science, quickly and effectively. So it’s a swift means of knowledge generation.

Frequency — About two posts per month

Facebook Fans: 2,932

Twitter Followers: 25.1K

13. NYC Data Science Academy Blog – A one-stop destination for in-depth development tutorials and new technology announcements created by students, faculty and community contributors in the NYC DCA network.

Frequency — About five posts per week

Facebook Fans: 2,136

Twitter Followers: 17,1K

14. Data Science 101 – A blog on how to become a data scientist.

Frequency — About five posts per week

Facebook Fans: 15,925

Twitter Followers: 2,365

15. Data Science Dojo – It’s a revolutionary shift in data science learning. The course offers short-duration, in-person, hands-on training that will get the aspiring data scientists started with practical data science in just a week!

Frequency — About one post per month

Facebook Fans: 12,009

Twitter Followers: 4,664

The Data Science Resources will help you keep updated and gain new knowledge and insights in the ever-evolving field of data science. The data science course at the Data Science Learning Center – Imarticus Learning will ensure updated knowledge to candidates.

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