Top Data Science Datasets Project Ideas for Beginners!

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What is Data Science?

Every company receives too much information about something at a moment which becomes tough to be processed at the same pace. Here is when Data Science comes into the picture.

Data Science is a field of study which deals with gathering massive information about a particular field from various sources and then converting that Big Data into a meaningful output. This data is combined with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence which all together act as a base for scientific research to take place.

Data Scientists are hired to convert that Big Data into useful conclusions which further assists in lucid Decision Making.

With the advent of technology, everyone is pretty much connected which is the main reason how all the information related to a topic can be made available through the internet. A data science career can open the gate to multiple possibilities.

Data Science Course with Placement in IndiaData Science Datasets Project Ideas for Beginners.

According to a survey, it has been found that by the end of 2020, the demand for Data Scientists will increase by 28%. This is because of the current scenario where everything has shifted to online mode.

Data Scientists can lay their hands on various new topics and elements on the internet which can be the basis for their researches.

Some of the Data Science Projects that can help beginners to build a stronger resume are:

  1. Automated Chatbox Project

Considering the current situation, everything has become internet-based. Renowned companies are also switching to the Chat mode in their Customer Care Departments rather than taking up the calls. Chatting has become way more convenient than any other mode of communication. As far as formal or official communication is concerned, chatting sounds the best.

For a beginner, research on an Automated Chat Box can be really promising and fresh. There can be modifications in the classic chatting pattern in terms of official and formal chatting. For instance: When a company receives so many messages from their customers about certain queries, the automatic chatbox can answer some of the repetitive questions by itself.

This lessens the burden on the employees leading to a better focus on the queries rather than a formal salutation.

  1. Automated Caption Inserter Project

Talking about the current trend, where everyone wants to upload their pictures and photographs on Social Media Platforms, they want their captions to be suitable and trendy.

For a beginner who is aspirant of researching Data Science, this can be something new and likable.

When a picture alongside a river is posted on any Social Media Platform, this feature can give suggestions to the users regarding specific captions revolving around rivers or water bodies. This can save a lot of time and effort for the users leading to a great monopoly on the internet.

  1. Song Recommendation Project

Various music and song applications have been designed throughout the world. There can be research in the field of automated song recommendations to the users based on their current playlist or already downloaded songs on the application. This can be a  practical and helpful solution for users who are searching for songs that they may like.


Data Science, on the whole, is a massive field that can be explored with no limits and boundaries. One can keep carrying out amazing researches in several areas.

Investment Banking Courses with Placement in IndiaAll beginners must take up the Data Science Course if they wish to pursue a bright Data Science Career.

This is a field of study that is always going to be engaging and creative no matter how much work and research gets done.

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