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Business Analysis Certified Professional

Business Analysis Certified Professional (BACP) is a comprehensive IIBA endorsed program that provides aspirants with an in-depth exposure to Business Analysis, techniques and frameworks as prescribed by latest BABOK 3.0. After completing the 70 hour skill-building certification, you will be equipped to handle the multi-skilled roles and responsibilities of the modern professional Business Analyst, along with 21 Professional Development hours from IIBA.
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage

The BACP program will offers comprehensive coverage of key Business Analysis topics such as Enterprise Management, Requirements Elicitation, Solution Design, Validation and Stakeholder Management. You will gain exposure to various IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada) recommended tools and techniques for effective and practical learning outcomes.

Imarticus is an endorsed as a training provider for Business Analysis by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), the gold standard for Business Analysts, ensuring that the course material, teaching methodology and faculty have met the highest standards globally.

IIBA-endorsed Training Provider
BABOK 3.0 Aligned Curriculum

Learn the very latest in Business Analysis frameworks and best practices as prescribed by BABOK 3.0. Our unique case study methodology focusing on real life business scenarios ensures you are equipped with the needed skillsets in the real world. Each case study walks you through the each stage of the Business Analysis lifecycle – from requirement elicitation to solution delivery.

Our Business Analysis Faculty are CBAP certified trainers with 10+ years of experience in Business Analysis. They have worked as accomplished BA’s in companies like IBM, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell, TCS, HP, Tech Mahindra, Wells Fargo, Infosys, Accenture, Target, KPMG, Capgemini, Verisign, GE, L&T, Honeywell, AnZ, Oracle, HCL, Mphasis Limited, Extentor, Enzen, Ericsson, ICloud, Bosch, EY and Many more

Expert Faculty
Prepare for ECBA exam by IIBA

The program provides a solid foundation in Business Analysis and helps you prepare for the entry-level ECBA exam by IIBA. The program offers 21 Professional Development (PD) hours that you can avail in order to appear for IIBA’s Business Analysis exams.

Business Analyst Training in India: Imarticus
Business Analysis Overview
Business Analysis Overview
Business Analysis Overview
CBAP Certification India: Imarticus

Enterprise Management
  • Assess Business Risks & Needs
  • Use of Models Current State vs Target State
  • Develop Business Cases
  • Identify & Recommend Projects
  • Learn the Business & Develop Business Models

Requirements Management & Solution Design
  • Requirements Analysis & Elicitation
  • Business Requirement Documentation
  • Solution Design & Prototype
  • Solution Implementation

Stakeholder Management
  • Present Finding
  • Build Consensus
  • Maintain Relationships

BACP Program : Imarticus

The BACP batch is created in conjunction with industry experts to ensure a curriculum that is relevant and timely. The program is endorsed by IIBA ensuring that the course material and teaching methodology have met the highest standards globally. In addition to the experienced faculty, the program will feature experienced Business Analysts who will be able to provide real life case studies in order to deepen the understanding of the course material.

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Business Analysis Certified Professional (BACP) Course

BACP - Career


Multi-Domain Understanding

In-depth exposure to every aspect of Business Analysis and an enhanced understanding of a BA Project lifecycle. Gain an understanding of various functions and projects across Operations, Finance, Legal, Tax, Compliance and Technology as you deliver world-class solutions and enable an organization to achieve its goals.


Niche Career Path

Develop a fast-paced career path, which is both financially and professionally rewarding. The global skillsets acquired through a BA career enables you to take on a variety of roles and leadership positions across Product, Finance, Consulting, Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and new age e-commerce companies.


Leadership & Execution Skills

Develop timeless skills such as problem-solving and ideation while spear-heading intiatives across functions, domains and geopraphies. Drive change by providing innovative solutions, design and delivery.


Global Mobility and Exposure

Work with global teams to ensure delivery of a seamless integrated solution. Develop and share best practices, and get exposed to various working environments and cultures. Your role will encompass data gathering, documenting, analysing, and recommending solutions while working closely with a variety of diverse stakeholders.

BACP - Career

The BACP program is ideal for:
Finance, Operations & IT Professionals

With 2+ years of working experience, looking for an opportunity to develop their BA skills and move into the BA domain

Job Seekers and Career Changers

In the Business Analysis/Project Management domain

Finance and Operations Lateral Movements
Individuals looking for Global Certifications (IIBA)

And those looking to enhance their CV and Knowledge

Admission Process:

Imarticus follows a rolling admission process.

There are two ways to enroll:

Physical Enrollment

Walk into either Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai centers to receive a personal counseling and a profile review session, following which you can register for the BACP program.

Online Enrollment

Click below, and fill out the required details in order to complete the registration process. You will be contacted within 24 hours with next steps.

Typical Day
Typical Day
Typical Day
I get ready to start my day at one of the top 10 Global Investment Banks of the world. My role is to spearhead change initiatives across the Operations functions by providing innovation solution design and delivery.
10:00 AM
A typical day begins at 10:00 AM with checking up on my mails over the previous day. I am currently working on two projects simultaneously: one is to lunch the Australian FX business and the second to revamp the Corporate Action (CA) system. Both of them are in different stages of the lifecycle and are very important projects for the firm.
Australian FX business is in its initiation stage while the Corpotate Action systems is in the implementation stage.
11:00 AM
I hold a series of meetings with senior stakeholder to understand the scope of the Australian FX business roll out. Understanding and ensuring all the key stakeholders are on the same page is imperative for any successful project.
12:00 PM
I hold a meeting with the Program Manager to understand the concerns of the users pertaining to the new Corporate Action system.
1:00 PM
I break for lunch with my team colleagues. We chat about global markets, escalations or new team activities comping up at the end of the week. Depending on my workload, I often eat at my desk which watching the global markets movements.
2:00 PM
Post lunch, I initiate the creation of a detailed business requirement document (BRD) for the Australian FX project, which will eventually be evaluated and signed off by senior business stakeholder.
3:30 PM
I meet with the PMO office to understand any new governance and project methodologies that I should be using in our projects.
5:00 PM
I work with the Solution Design team to run them by the concerns of the users. It is imperative that this solution encompasses all the original requirements, and ensures that the objectives of the business are adequately met.
6:00 PM
I have a call with project representatives in the Australian legal and compliance teams to understand the regulatory requirements related to the project.
7:00 PM
Time for me to go to our Fitness Centre. Today was a challenging but rewarding day & importantly we made some real progress on the project documentation. Tomorrow, focus on getting signoffs!
8:30 PM
All my potential risks exposures got mitigated in time. I got good feedback on my performance from my management, HR teams and global partners. A drop home after a long day is an added perk to a day well challenged.

Learn about Requirements Management and Advanced BA techniques

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Career Assistance

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides you assistance throughout the program to guide and navigate ample career options.



Refining and polishing the candidate’s resume with insider tips to help them land their dream job



Preparing candidates to ace HR and Technical interview rounds with model interview questions and answers



Preparing candidates to face interview scenarios through 1:1 and panel mock interviews with industry veterans

Unlocking Careers in Business Analysis


  • Pooja-K
    Nitin J BACP

    Thank you Imarticus for delivering the right knowledge and approach!

    I have been able to get a great job in the Business Analyst profile in the product department. The best part is whatever I have learnt at Imarticus, I have been able to implement on the job and the product I have been assigned – right from the use case to requirements gathering using various techniques and tools.”
  • balbir
    Priyanka K BACP

    I was only able to sail through the interview only because of the invaluable Imarticus training and guidance.

    Imarticus really helped me in understanding the role and responsibilities of a Business Analysis without having the practical knowledge before hand. Kudos to the institute and all the faculty members!”


  • varun-chopra

    Varun Chopra

    BACP Faculty

    Expertise: Business Analysis

    Varun Chopra has 10 years of experience in leading change initiatives across Investment banking, Consulting and Outsourcing industries with firms such as Nomura, Deutsche Bank and Genpact. HIs key focus areas has been around portfolio management, program management, testing, business process re-engineering, transitions, target operating model design, strategy consulting and post merger integration.
  • Shivani Parikh

    Shivani Parikh

    BACP Faculty

    Expertise: Business Analysis

    is a Senior Business Analyst with a strong exposure to the IT industry. She has worked at Mphasis Software and Polaris, having provided business solutions for Deutsche Bank, CitiGroup, S&P, Singapore Airlines, Dubai Bank etc across various locations like New York, London, Singapore and India. Apart from training employees at global Investment Banks like JP Morgan, she is also a visiting faculty at NMIMS and an adjunct faculty at Durga Devi Saraf Institute of Management Studies. She holds an MBA (MMS) from NMIMS.
  • mukhraj

    Mukhraj Saberwal

    BACP Faculty

    Expertise: Business Analysis

    Mukhraj is an SAP Engagement manager with 19 years of rich experience including 10 years of global experience in managing SAP projects spanning across USA, Europe and Asia with major IT consulting organizations. Mukhraj Saberwal is currently working at Accenture India as Lead Solution Architect for global application outsourcing. An industry veteran, he has a proven track record of adapting and implementing various modern change management techniques including Agile and Scrum.

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LS General Form

Learn the various tools and techniques of Requirement Elicitation through this informative document.

Five skills desired in a Business Analyst.

Key questions for Business Analysis.

Learn about the role of Business Analysts.

Industry Overview

The Imarticus Finance Industry wheel© details the entire gamut of roles in Investment Banking & Capital Markets right down to specific functions. Use the wheel to identify your areas of interest by clicking on the wheel and expanding the specific areas.

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