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September 25, 2018By Jasmini
How to Ace your Next Interview – Placement Series Once you have completed the studies, the next step involves looking for a job in the respective field. The first interview for the job can be quite challenging since you do not have any prior experience in the area. There are a lot of confusions in the heads of the candidates and interview preparation can […]Read More »
September 21, 2018By Jasmini
5 Simple But Important Things to Remember About Machine Learning On the landscape of technological advancements, Machine Learning is taking giant strides. Every sector is getting infused with artificial intelligence be it social networks, retail stores, automobiles, home appliances etc. It is no more the ‘Next’ big thing, and it is the ‘Thing’ today. ‘What is machine learning?’ is something most of us have read […]Read More »
September 17, 2018By Jasmini
What are The Top 4 Roles To Data Analyst Look Out For? What is the job of a data engineer? How is it different from the role of a data analyst? What does a data scientist do? Confused? Let us put all the different aspect of data analytics into different buckets and make it all more manageable for you. If you are looking to migrate to data […]Read More »
September 12, 2018By Jasmini
R Programming Interview Questions R is a programming language and the environment which is used in the case of statistical computing, data analytics, and the research. It is termed as one of the most popular languages that are commonly used by the statisticians, researchers, data analysts, and the marketers to retrieve, clean, analyse, visualise and to present the data. […]Read More »
September 10, 2018By Jasmini
Infographic: Big Data Timeline Around the world, the amount of data generated is growing at a rapid rate of 40%. In this infographic, we have made some prediction and trends for Big Data from now to 2023.Read More »
September 7, 2018By Jasmini
Infographics: Analysis for Agilists Scrum Financials Traditional/Predictive Techniques are expensive and ineffective. Most projects go cheap, at least if not Agile/Empirical methods are the reality, regularly sampled each Spirit and transparent to all. In the following infographics, we present Analysis for Agilists Scrum Financials.  Read More »
September 5, 2018By Jasmini
What are The Skills For Credit Analyst? Credit Analyst is arguably one of the most sought-after jobs in the finance industry. For many, it is their first step towards realising the dream of becoming an Investment Banker, and for others, it might just be their natural calling. Either way, the competition is fierce here, and hence, it is imperative to develop the […]Read More »
September 4, 2018By Jasmini
Top finance Management Jobs for 2019 Wondering where to head after completing your graduation in the finance department? Well, there are a plethora of opportunities to start your career in the field of financial management. Though it is one of the most competitive areas, yet there exist several occasions with the benefit of being paid high as compared to another sector. […]Read More »
September 3, 2018By Jasmini
Career Path For a Credit Research Analyst A Credit Research Analyst is a professional who does the job of evaluating a lender’s credit value. In simpler terms, he/she determines if the borrower, whether an individual or company, can repay the financial commitments by analysing their credit records, recent trends, and economic conditions. Typically hired by banking firms, credit rating agencies, investors, and […]Read More »
September 1, 2018By Jasmini
What is Career Path & Qualifications Required To Become Financial Analyst A Financial Analyst is a professional that undertakes the task of providing insights related to decision making by several companies through rigorous study of the financial data followed by reports generated.  Responsible for researching both macro and micro economic situation, the analyst collects relevant information considering the policy of the company and then recommend or […]Read More »
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