Will Digital Natives Replace Consumer Brand Specialists As CMOs In The Next Few Years?

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Big data and all its ensuing technologies have had an enormous impact on the world in recent years. Mining vast amounts of data and analyzing it through such statistical frameworks have yielded some very fascinating results.

These innovations have touched even the Digital Marketing field. Think of it as another facet of growing technology because, with global digitization, social media influencers have come into the limelight.

All of the changes, as mentioned above, don’t bode well with the traditional digital marketing paradigm. By traditional Digital Marketing trends, we mean the ones involving Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) chalking out the marketing plan.

Before we understand the extent of the impact of digital natives on Chief Marketing Officers, we first need to understand who they are and what they are doing in a company.

Who are CMOS? And, what is their role?

A CMO or Chief Marketing Officer is the person whose sole aim is to direct advertisement, marketing campaigns and build its image. Traditionally, before the advent of Digital Marketing, the job of CMOs was focused solely on selling the product or the services offered by the brand.

CMOS was responsible for doing market research and created targeted ads to lure people into buying what they have to sell. Mostly, they were the persons responsible for educating ordinary people about what is being sold. They also had very limited resources initially for both marketing and data collection to improve upon their marketing.

However, in recent times, they are much more than just a glorified ads manager. Digital Marketing course has helped mold their career into something crucial.

Data Science CareerImpact of Digital Natives on CMOs:

Ever since lines of communication improved, and the internet became a household thing, ways of marketing also grew, and so did consumer awareness as opposed to buying what was being sold. They now wanted to buy what they wanted. So, the company had to adapt to these changing times.

Now, the role of CMOs is not limited to telling people what is being sold. CMOS now has to do market analysis, competition analysis, consumer segmentation, and data analysis. They do not have a static job anymore. All the customer data is being streamed in continuously, and it is their job to analyze it and act on it.

While it is true that AI and Machine Learning are the new buzzwords in the sector and have a lot of potentials to dethrone the CMOS however, it is not going to happen. There will always be the need for an individual (or a team) handling all the marketing of any brand.

The only change in a CMO’s life would be to learn how to navigate this minefield. CMOS would be the ones responsible for organically instilling machine learning into their mix, and they will remain to be the ones responsible for having the final say.


With time, the Chief Marketing Officer job has changed drastically and will continue to change in the coming times. But, the need for one would never diminish. CMOS would have to adapt to the changing times and keep on devising new strategies on the fly.

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