5 Amazing Investment ideas for Teens and College Students

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5 Amazing Investment Ideas for Teens and College Students

In this capital age, people are investing in numerous assets to generate long-term wealth. Investment is not only for HNI individuals but is for everyone. Teens and college students can also start investing at an early age. However, there are several things to consider before investing in an asset. If college students start investing from a young age, they can reap benefits later in their life. Read on to know five investment ideas for college students and teens. 

Invest in the Stock Market 

Teens aren’t retiring anytime soon and can afford to invest money for a longer period. College students have a basic understanding of the stock market and can start their investment journey. If needed, college students can take advice from their teachers or parents before investing in stocks. You can start with those stocks that charge fewer maintenance fees over time like, index funds. Try to invest in balanced stocks that offer good returns over time. The stock market is prone to high volatility and teens can afford to keep their money invested for a longer time. 

Real Estate Investment 

Many college students are making huge money via rental properties. If you are not a minor, you are allowed to buy or sell properties in your country. Many countries also allow minors to buy/sell properties accompanied by an adult. If you have ample money, you can buy a small house and then put it on rent. You can generate a fixed income every month by renting properties. You will continue to be the owner of the house and receive rent every month. However, as a house owner, you will also have to oversee the repairs every month. 

Open a Savings Account

Are you busy with your distance learning MBA and cannot research stocks? Well, if you do not have time to collect information about the stocks, you can go for a savings account. A savings account is a hassle-free way of expanding your money. Choose a physical or an online bank that offers good returns on a savings account. Make sure you don’t withdraw money continuously from your saving account and do not make impulse purchases. 

Go for Cryptocurrencies 

The future is bright for cryptocurrencies, and you can start investing early as a teen. With blockchain as its core technology, cryptocurrencies are highly secure. Cryptocurrency can be easily accessed as more and more digital platforms are emerging nowadays. You can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency via a reliable mobile application. 

Invest in Fixed Deposits 

If you want to make money with minimal risk, you can invest in fixed deposits. You will get guaranteed returns at frequent intervals by investing in fixed deposits. Young enthusiasts who want to become investment bankers should start investing early. Many students opt for distance learning MBA to upscale their investment banking skills. 

How to Learn Investment Banking?

You can join a physical institution for post graduate diploma in banking and finance. However, institutional courses will not offer hands-on learning and flexibility to students. It is why young enthusiasts are shifting towards online investment banking courses. Imarticus Learning is a reliable EdTech firm that provides the best online MBA courses. It offers an MBA in Investment Banking & Equity Research in collaboration with Jain University. This course will help in knowing job-relevant skills to build a career in the investment banking industry. 


College students can start investing early to understand the importance of financial stability. You can invest in high-risk or low-risk assets to generate a substantial income over time. You can learn more about investment via the online course offered by Imarticus. Start your online MBA course now!  

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