Why is Data Science So Famous?

Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science is clearly the way to the future and is revolutionizing a number of fields across industries. In just a few years, it has emerged as the most sought-after career route. In spite of all the hype, a lot of people end up asking ‘What is data science, exactly?’

Data analytics is basically the examination of data, and a data science course mainly equips young tech enthusiasts to sift through huge amounts of scrambled data to process them and extract information out of them.

From healthcare to politics to disaster management, data science is making way for breakthroughs all over. Celebrated computer scientist Jim Gray considered data science to be a fourth paradigm of science, and insisted that information technology is changing everything about science.

Decades after his prophecy, he stands corrected, and a career in data science is one of the most lucrative career aspirations you can have. But it is very important to know exactly what data analytics does, and how it is changing the world around us.

So, what is data science and why exactly is it the hottest career right now?

Did you know that according to the company review website Glassdoor, data science was the highest paid field in 2016? Glassdoor is basically a platform where employees can rate their workplace and its management. The 2016 report was actually based on reviews of the people in the data science field, and their income growth. The survey also took into account the possibilities for career growth of the people working in the field.

You must understand that a data science course consists of a number of skills which the aspirants must marvel at, like programming, statistics, coding etc, and this makes their skill set a very coveted one in the field of analytics. Data science training is still mainly about about figuring out trends and patterns based on statistics and jumbled data. More and more companies are hiring data scientists for strengthening their analytics team, which is why the data science field is such a lucrative one.

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), especially, data science training is an invaluable asset. You must have heard about the exponentially growing influence of AI in today’s industries. Every major company is seeking data scientists who specialize in AI. To put it simply, a successful AI assignment is not possible without the right data, which is extracted by a data scientist and processed to their advantage.

Let’s look at other simple examples. Take for instance, companies like Google. Their operations and service depends almost entirely on successful data analysis. Are you aware that the HR department at Google has completely changed the game for other corporate companies, when it comes to perfecting work culture?

They have moved to a form of data-based employee management, where they sift through data and process it to make the company a better place to work for their employees. As a result, research has shown that Google is the best corporate company to work in the world right now.

Some of the best and the most successful companies in the world are investing millions of dollars to amp up their data science branch, and this hardly comes as a surprise in the era of information technology. Even small businesses need to study data and the statistics of the market before they can launch their products.

Not to mention a data scientist earns substantially better than his counterparts in other sectors, and it can only get better if the pattern is followed. Research has shown that the median salary of the data scientist is something around $110,000. In a couple of years, a data scientist with only a few years of experience will not have to look around for long to get better opportunities, considering the boom in the field and the overriding necessity of data analytics.

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