Why Full Stack Developers Must Learn MongoDB

Full stack Developer Course

Full stack development refers to the complete programming of a website or application. A full stack developer creates both the client-side (front end) and server-side (back end) of software applications providing customers with a smooth and responsive user interface. 

Full stack developers are in high demand amongst businesses, organisations and all imaginable sectors, making it a lucrative career option. More than 20,000 full stack developer job vacancies are currently available in India. Amongst the many programming languages, a full stack developer must know MongoDB.

Read on to learn why a detailed knowledge of MongoDB is necessary for full stack developers.

MongoDB - An Overview

MongoDB is a NoSQL JavaScript-based document database designed to build versatile internet applications on the software's user and server sides. MongoDB is integral to the most popular MERN and MEAN technology stacks, built on the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.   

Why is it necessary for full stack developers to learn MongoDB?

Full Stack Developer Course

MongoDB is a must-learn topic for prospective candidates wanting to be full stack developers. Listed below are a few reasons explaining why it is so necessary - 

Easy installation and open-source database 

MongoDB is an open-source product with an easy installation process. Setting up a MongoDB cluster can be easily achieved with the help of MongoDB Atlas. 

Wide support base

MongoDB stores and reproduces data in a document format, making it accessible in any language. It is compatible with data structures native to those languages.

Schema-free database 

MongoDB is a schema-free database. Any document type can be edited easily with MongoDB. A user can easily store different types of data together. MongoDB uses BSON data format, which is derived from JSON. 

Flexibility in design

MongoDB is an excellent choice for web designers. The designer is free to write new data at any point in time, keeping the system intact. No downtime is needed if a schema change is required for the site. 

Robust analytics

Indexing in MongoDB makes accessing documents easier. It performs complex data analytics with minimum coding. It is a gem in response to complex querying with the help of its Query API. 

Easier scale-out and distribution of data

With MongoDB, scaling is easy. This is to add more resources to your server and share the workload horizontally. These processes quicken the work processes and help big business houses run smoothly. 

Developer data platform on cloud base

Being a complete developer data platform, MongoDB has much more to offer to its users than just being a database. MongoDB Atlas is a cloud product of MongoDB, with several services under its hood.

MongoDB Charts provides us with an easy user interface with eye-catching visualisation tools. Performance Advisor suggests ways to optimise the database, while MongoDB Query API runs a text-based search engine.

Professional support

An aspiring full stack developer can always rely on the MongoDB helpline or support system. MongoDB has a huge chunk of documentation or ready-made tutorials available as open-source materials. MongoDB University is a library of contact and easy-to-understand courses. MongoDB offers paid tutorials as well. 

Better performance compared to traditional RDBMSs

Traditional RDBMSs (relational data base management systems) use joint operations. Whereas, MongoDB uses a document model, where queries may be solved much faster pulling back necessary information to the database on a single call. It has an unmatched performance through its insertMany and updateMany functions. Indexing makes access to documents much easier and faster. 

Other skill sets required for being a full stack developer

Besides front- and back-end development, a full stack developer must have a knowledge of development languages, servers, basic design capabilities, and algorithms and data structures

It is desirable for a full stack developer to transform into a DevOps developer so that a complete knowledge of development and operation is acquired. Software developers or interns often need to use a common internet hosting server, where they may see and edit each other’s projects. This service is provided by GitHub, which they should master.     


MongoDB has a wide application base. E-commerce product catalogues, blogs, mobiles and social networking sites extensively use MongoDB. In full-stack development, it is primarily useful for its extensive storage capacity and seamless access to data. Other reasons which make it an ultimate choice for a full stack developer are its speed and performance, query response and excellent helpline. If full stack development is your calling, then a full stack development course is the right choice for you.

The Full Stack Developer Pro Course at Imarticus can boost your career towards a bright future. The course is of 6 months and offers placement support. 

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