Why Artificial Intelligence is better than Other Technology

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Living in the 21st century, we have been able to see a lot happening in the field of technology and its advancement. Artificial Intelligence in that regard is the latest and the most developed version of classic technology. However, the term artificial intelligence still perplexes many people as they are not aware of its details. Even though people are using gadgets birthed by artificial intelligence, they may still not know about it.

What Artificial Intelligence Exactly Is?

AI is that field of machined technology that imitates humans and their functions on various levels. These machines or robots are functioned using various codes and algorithms to make them work as humanly as possible. It deals with the behavioural part of the machines which has a connection or a relation with intelligence. This branch of computer science has made it possible for the machines to think and act rationally and humanly to a great extent.

Why is AI Better than Other Technology?

Artificial Intelligence is any day better than human intelligence or works efficiently as compared to other technologies of the world. This can be made clear through the following points:

  • Mitigating Risks: AI has been working incessantly in reducing the risk factor associated with completing a task as compared to other technologies. To quote it as an example, forest fires can be handled more effectively with AI robotic drones instead of manual machines to put out the fire. AI can minimize the risks associated with human lives in many areas like radiation, electricity, hydropower and fire etc.
  • Zero Errors: Unlike other forms of technology or human intelligence for that matter, AI works so efficiently that it leaves no chance for errors or mistakes. Owing to a situation, human beings can alter the ways they work but AI does not change frequently according to their surroundings in all situations.
  • Remarkable Anticipation: The technology preceding AI is not accurate enough to make correct judgements about the events which are about to happen. However, forecasts or predictions made by AI are far more accurate. Likewise, AI sensors to forecast and measure the intensity of an earthquake beat the normal scales to measure the earthquakes. Also, AI functions with far less human involvement as compared to other technology.
  • Saves Time and Money: The classic technological advancement would just let you type a song name in the search list and it will present you a list of preferred songs. However, Siri and Alexa, a gift of artificial intelligence are voice regulated gadgets which work on your personalized instructions. There is no default set of questions and answers fed in these gadgets. They respond to any question with any suitable answer, isn’t that amazing?
  • Reduced Human Intervention: When technology functions on its own without human intervention, it can turn out to be the best. To illustrate, a doctor carrying out a surgical procedure makes use of all the modern gear and instruments but can still perform differently with different patients of the same conditions. However, this is not the case if robots carry out the surgery by themselves. This points to the fact that AI outshines human interference while making use of technology.

Embracing a positive approach to make use of Artificial Intelligence can always turn out to be in the best interest of every human being. Although, AI has eased the lifestyle and the way people used to work but still, exploring it outside the boundaries of positive development can cause harm to humanity at once.

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