Who said building a career in cyber security has to be difficult?

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Who said building a career in cyber security has to be difficult?

The practice of protecting data, systems, programs and networks from unethical online attacks is known as cyber security. In this digital age, where important online data faces the constant threat of being violated, career options in cyber security have increased a lot. In India, it is one of the most successful career options for people in IT. The market worth of cyber security in India is predicted to reach $15 billion by 2023

Many people assume that pursuing a career in cyber security comes with a lot of hurdles. However, if one wants to build a successful cybersecurity career, then it may not be as challenging if one plans ahead. 

Career Options in Cyber Security 

Cyber security is a broad field with plenty of great options to choose from. Depending on interest and training, one can choose from these career options. 

  • Cyber Security Analyst 

A Cyber Security Analyst is a professional whose job is to implement security measures and update them as necessary. IT and network infrastructure security is something Cyber Security Analysts specialize in, and companies hire them to protect systems against malware and cyber-attacks. The average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst in India is about ₹5 LPA

  • Cyber Security Manager 

The job of Cyber Security Managers is to maintain all the security protocols in an organisation. They also oversee security teams and systems to make sure they are working in the right order. A Cyber Security Manager and his/her team come up with strategies to keep cyber attacks on an organisation’s systems at bay. The average salary of a Cyber Security Manager in India is about ₹24.5 LPA

  • Network Security Engineer 

Network Security Engineers’ job is to protect the company’s online networks against hacking attempts, malware and more. Their job is to identify and stave off these threats effectively. The average salary of a Network Security Engineer in India is about ₹5.5 LPA

  • Information Security Manager 

The job of Information Security Managers entails protecting company data and network systems against online threats such as security breaches and cyber threats. They have to work under a lot of pressure with their team. The average salary in India for this position is about ₹17.7 LPA

  • Security Architect 

A Security Architect is vital for companies because his/her job is to assess all the networks and systems of the organisation to measure his/her vulnerabilities. Security Architects run different penetration tests to analyse risks in order to prevent future threats. The average salary of this position in India is about ₹24.2 LPA

There are many other job options for cyber security professionals in India. In order to understand which path one wants to follow, one will need to understand his/her strengths and build his/her tech expertise accordingly. 

Skills Required for Cyber Security Professionals to Build Their Careers

Building a career in cyber security takes meticulous planning. Cyber security training and placement need the candidates to have specific skills. Here are some of the skills that one would need in order to build a strong career in the field. 

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in CS (Computer Science) or a related field 
  • A PG in cyber security, like a diploma, is always going to look great on a resume 
  • Must know C++, Java, Python and other programming languages 
  • Thorough knowledge of endpoint security and various types of firewalls 
  • A thorough understanding of hacking and cyber forensics skills 
  • It is important to keep themselves up to date about the current trends in the cyber security field and keep up with changes. 
  • Other than technical knowledge, they also need excellent problem-solving skills, creative skills and a drive to work well under pressure. 

Entry-level Career Options and Necessary Skills for Cyber Security Professionals

Here is a list of the basic professions for cyber security professionals and the skills one would need to land a job. 

  • Risk Analyst 

To work as a Risk Analyst, one would need a thorough knowledge of risk assessment and risk management processes, along with data analysis skills. 

  • Cyber Crime Analyst 

A good understanding of networking, hacking and scripting, along with operating systems knowledge is needed for this position. 

  • Cyber Security Specialist 

A thorough knowledge of various IT systems is needed in this job in order to identify threats to systems. Professionals also need skills like attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure. 


A postgraduate degree in cyber security can help boost your cyber security career. That is why Imarticus has an amazing Cyber Security Course with assured job placement. This postgraduate program in cyber security comes with an industry-designed curriculum, extensive placement preparation and guaranteed interviews with companies willing to hire. You can opt for both classroom and online training, depending on your need.

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