Which Cryptocurrencies Has The Most Secure Blockchains?


Bitcoin is also called Digital Gold because it still is the most secure crypto of all times which has sustained its place from the forerunner stage to date. The massive cryptographically encrypted blockchain is transparent, cannot be altered or deleted and gets automatically verified across all nodes in the miner's network all without the interference of any third-person intermediary.

Blockchain training can actually help you understand the high standards of blockchain security when transacting with Bitcoins. The blocks are interconnected to each other through unique hashtag signatures and need verification of all miners on the network to record a transaction.

To change or alter any information one would need to alter at least 51% and more of the has power at the same instant which makes it near impossible. It would cost more to edit than to steal because till date the Bitcoin is the most mined crypto! No wonder it charges higher is valued higher and accepts other cryptocurrencies against it as a standard measure.

Bitcoin is truly the most secure form of payment that has transformed the value of paper-money by allowing people to make transactions with their money sans any intermediary and in a completely secure, instant, encrypted manner that makes its security its most valuable transactional feature.

The blockchain technology and how it works:
Bitcoin is synonymous and thrives on blockchains. Did you know that the hash rate for Bitcoin is around 8,721,206,904 GH/s? Its active nodes run into millions and though not ASICS resistant the difficulty levels compensate and make it extremely secure to transact with.

Blockchain technology brings in the important four attributes of immutability, decentralization, transparency, and security.

  1. User authentication and verification using blockchain technology sans third-party interference.
  2. The blockchain data structure is contained in the app-end and causes the data to be immutable, and impossible to delete or alter.
  3. The data ledgers are cryptography protected and contain hashtag functions from the previous block. This information is verified to complete the cryptography transactional process.
  4. Ledger consensus and record-keeping are enhanced as all data of transactions are contained in the block and are duly verified for maximum trust by the peer network users.
  5. Blockchain time-stamping ensures a recorded chronological order.
  6. The ledger is distributed over all blockchain nodes in real-time.
  7. The peer network has all transactions on the blockchain overall interconnected computers thus decentralizing the system.
  8. Data is always retrievable and never lost.
  9. Transparent transactions ensure the viewing parties are verified users and reduce transactional ambiguities.
  10. The source of the ledger can be tracked at every block of the chain.
  11. Consensus between the parties ensures duplicity and fraud are removed.
  12. Smart contracts enable presetting criteria and conditions for automatic recording of transactions.

Blockchains are today popular across verticals and industries like banking, agriculture, healthcare, e-commerce, education, mining, property recording, retail, entertainment, media, automobiles, logistics, transport and many more.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network:
The open-source free lightning network Bitcoin protocol creates anonymous channels to route millions of transactions/second.  The fees charged are extremely low and micro-transactions friendly. Thus people will be able to receive, send and deal in money instantly, securely, and cheaply.

No more DD charges, transaction fees or cheques that take days to clear. Even far off geographical locations are just a click away. However, the internet connection needs to be present and offline wallets fail when this important factor is not considered.

Other secure currencies:
Litecoin is good and secure too. Ethereum, Monero, Dash, zcash and such are all technologically private, secure and follow the Bitcoin’s security protocol. IOTA is yet to emerge from the accusations levied against it by MIT. However, blockchains are built secure and the more popular ones are transmitted for verification across millions of nodes at the same instant.

If the crypto was only on one node then it would neither be secure nor of interest to anyone. That is so because blockchain technology itself works on authentication and verification by the network users or miners to emerge as secure transactions.

Also, preservation of the tokens and the inability of hackers to break into such crypto wallets make the currency more secure from theft. Offline storage and cold storages are good security features to keep your monies safe.

Bitcoin emerges the winner of being the most secure crypto. Learn all about cryptocurrencies and fintech at Imarticus Learning Institute by doing your Blockchain course here.

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