Which Courses To Take If You Are Considering Fintech as a Career Option?


Which Courses To Take If You Are Considering Fintech as a Career Option?

Fintech is the morphing of Technology and Finance. The emergence of this sector has seen a revolution in the way financial transactions are being made. Blockchain technology which spurred the growth of the fintech industry is today adopted in almost every conceivable sphere of activity. Fintech combines the offering of financial solutions through the use of innovative technology like the blockchain, IoT, AI, and AR among many others.

Fintech is truly an innovation of a disruption in startups. It has brought to us Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrencies, New-age modern banks, Money Management Tools, and Lending Services Peer-To-Peer, amongst others. With such growth obviously the sector needs people who can help it grow. Demand has gone through the roof and supply is hard to find. Yes, this means payouts and salaries are high. No wonder everyone wants to join the fintech sector. 

Consider a career in Fintech
Certification in Fintech is an excellent idea as the industry is new and demand is high. The certification validates your skills and experiences to dive into the fintech world. For earning such certification, you will need to take up a good course like the Imarticus’ Fintech Pro degree. 

The Fintech courses offer a good grasp of basics, concepts, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and certifications that could help enhance your resume and career. They also offer boot camps, short term workshops, and knowledge valuable to enter the industry. Another advantage in such a course is of mentoring by certified and experienced industry aces that helps garner the latest best practices, techniques, skills, and practice on the latest trending technologies in the Fintech industry.

While certification helps you become an excellent communicator and work diligently to acquire the best analytical and business skills. You will need a basic degree in technology, finance or Management. Besides, technical skills in DevOps, IoT, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Hadoop will definitely help.

Where the jobs are:
The Fintech industry badly needs personnel in
• Blockchain Technology
• Digital Payments
• Big Data handling
• Digital Wealth Management
• Analytics Solutions

Job roles available and in demand are for: 
• Project Managers
• Data management experts
• Sales
• HR
• Financial experts in various fields like equity funding, debt capital markets etc.

Non-transferable skills will need to be developed and aligned with the enterprise's needs. You must have the following traits.
1. Interpersonal Communication skills
2. Ability to solve problems creatively.
3. Collaborative team skills
4. Ability to work with ambiguity, pressure, and demands from the startup environment.
5. Discipline and integrity since you will be working on financial transactions.
6. A good learner as there may be no SOPs.

Payouts: Definite standards in payouts are not present as of now. However, consider the fact that it is an emerging and rapidly developing sector. Demand for personnel drives larger payouts and growth of your career. According to reports on Glassdoor, the payments are very appreciative and second to very few.

Wrapping up:

The millennial babies will find excellent demand for them in the Fintech industries as digitized payments, services and technologies ensure an undying job market in the software, analytics, Machine Learning, Financial markets and services for the Fintech industry. Be prepared. Careers never happen by chance. They result from your choice!

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