What To Study To Become An Investment Banker?

Investment Banking courses with placement in India

If you ever search for insightful careers and the most trending term in finance, Investment Banking will top the list! There are millions of aspirants and working professionals who wish to make a career in Investment Banking. Being one of the best, most challenging, lucrative, and best-paying jobs globally, becoming an investment banker is on a list for many!

Investment Banking Courses with Placement in IndiaWith an increasing number of aspirants, the competition is high, and jobs are limited in this domain. Therefore, employers are picky about hiring the best talent. This calls for better eligibility and qualification of aspirants to enter this high-profile industry. 

If you are analytical and keen to be an Investment Banker, this blog discusses some facts and information on what is the Investment banking course with placement in India.

What Is Investment Banking in Simple Terms?

Investment banking is a section of banking or financial institution that serves governments, corporations, and institutions and provides underwriting (capital raising) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services. If you wonder how Investment Banking works, you must know that Investment banks act as intermediaries between investors and corporations for insightful deals.

According to BLS, “The employment of investment bankers is projected to increase by 4% between 2019 and 2029.” The average annual salary earned by investment bankers is $64,770.

Education Required to Enter IB Industry:

Graduation: To enter IB at an entry-level position, the bare minimum qualification is a graduate degree in any discipline. Individuals do become Investment Bankers post-graduation, but it also requires good experience, knowledge, and sustainability. For more search for banking courses after graduation.

MBA (Finance): Employees prefer applicants with an MBA Finance degree. This course trains students in all disciplines required in the IB domain, such as accounting, business acumen, finance, management consulting, marketing, and financial analysis. 

Investment banking courses with placement in IndiaCFA: Applicants with a Chartered Financial Analyst course (CFA) Charter have an easy path to make their way into the industry. Even the CFA Level 3 candidate/CFA Level 2 candidate can enter into IB. CFAs are hugely preferred in investment banking, Management Consulting, Hedge Funds, Brokerage Firms, Insurance, investment firms, etc.

CA: Another preferred requirement is of a Chartered Accountant (CA). Accountants are shifting to IB Industry due to the salary structure and demand of professionals.

Grow Into New-Age Careers with Imarticus?

When looking for investment banking courses, it would be better to look for an industry-endorsed program. Imarticus, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange, offers CIBOP, which fast-tracks students’ careers in investment banking operations.

The course framework is designed to the learning needs of aspirants under three years of experience. The course fully equips you with the skill-sets required to begin a career in investment banking operations, treasury & clearing services.

Since firms prefer hiring applicants with an advanced degree, looking into a certificate in investment banking course details becomes imperative. Moreover, Imarticus facilitates live instruction, which enhances student outcomes.

So make the most of your investment, and learn from the best in our state-of-the-art classrooms across India. In addition, the CIBOP program opens immense networking opportunities for students, letting them explore better career options and leverage Imarticus’s industry connect.

Those looking for investment banking courses in India and investment banking course fees must check out Imarticus Learning. You can contact me through the Live Chat Support system and seek virtual assistance while staying at home for more details. So start now with a strong performance and a desire to succeed!

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